Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are increasingly common as they provide a great way for businesses to advertise on a mobile basis and get their product in front of lots of people. is a good place for automobile modification and vehicle wraps that protect the vehicle from scratches and damages. Here are some of the benefits.

Affordable advertising method

Advertising using a vehicle is a highly effective way to reach a target audience The UK government lists statistics for the average time that a driver is sitting behind the wheel. That time is enough for about 3000 people to see your car every day. To get 100 views of your promotional four-wheeler, you may only need to spend 4p. Compare this to direct mail or radio. Mail costs £1.94 and radio advertising cost £1.21 per 100 hits. In addition, vehicle wraps last longer than five years versus radio or newspaper ads which last for a short time.

Protects the paintwork of your vehicle

As you rack up miles on Britain’s motorways, your car will eventually show signs of wear. When you wrap your vehicle, you not only enhance your business’s brand, you protect the car’s paint. We use a protective, matching over-laminate with our commercial vehicle wraps that extends their life and their appearance as well as keeps your paint from getting chipped or cracked.

Preserve the value of your vehicle or fleet


If you have several vehicles to buy it makes financial sense to buy a white fleet because they are less expensive than adding your company branding to coloured cars. There is also a cost to spray painting your vehicle and then returning the car to its original white before returning it at the lease end or selling it. With vehicle wrapping, you simply remove the wrap. It takes but a few hours. If you decide to spray paint your vehicle, you will spend more money on the graphics, too, but with wrapping, this is also done for you in one step.

Send out a professional image

Graphics on vehicles are a good way to strengthen your brand by giving your company a professional image. A van, car or truck may be understated or decorated with photographic images in any elaborate design you like. It certainly beats having a tired fleet of business vehicles out there with tired graphics or paintwork.

Blend with the current colours


Your company branding may be done with RAL or Pantone colours. No matter what, we can match your colour scheme in print and send you a sample to view before committing to a design and having us complete the wrap. We will also work to match any existing designs that you may have started with another graphic design company.

We do all of our printing from our purpose-built office at our headquarters where we only use the latest in printing technology. This allows you to get complete colour consistency from your wrap for the duration you contract with us.

Easily remove vinyl

With the quality of our vehicle graphic materials, there will never be a problem with removing the graphics once your promotion has ended. Note that inferior wraps often look nice at first, but they can cause problems for you in the future. They can be difficult to remove thus causing paintwork damage.

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