7 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive More Sales

Buying a car involves a process. According to this report, the typical car buyer is either a man or a woman aged between 18 and 54 years in 60% of the cases. The car buyers are shopping for themselves and not for others. About 53% of car buyers want to have their smartphones with them when they shop for a car. They use smartphones to compare prices, learn features, and find dealerships. The majority of car buyers visit a dealership after first doing research online. The majority of car buyers look at auto ads for information and an overwhelming majority prefer video ads and videos for information. Further, car buyers want to compare cars and look to online reviews as well as the reputation of brands before buying.

In today’s digitally connected world, the car buying process is ideally suited for digital marketing programs like the automotive SEO team at automotive-marketing.com. Here’s a look at 7 digital marketing strategies that can drive more sales for car dealers.


1. Reinforce brand image

Car buyers are enamored with a brand name. Unfortunately, not all can afford a Mercedes, BMW, or an Audi. However, they aspire to reach that stage sometime in their life. They will look for features similar to the top end cars in cars they can afford to buy. Therefore, an important hurdle will be crossed if car dealers build brand image meticulously and guard that image religiously. All communications in any medium have to be consistent and reflect the car dealer’s brand image in exemplary fashion. They should not skimp on this aspect of their messaging.

2. Tune-up website

Since the car buyers look to online platforms to gather information, the website is the first thing they set their eyes on. Thus, the first impression has to be stunning. Car buying is a serious business and the website should provide all the relevant information without any difficulty. Visitors to the website should be able to navigate effortlessly between different pages. The web pages should load fast especially when visitors would like to flit between pages while finding information. Car dealers should spare no effort in creating an expansive information base about their cars. No small detail should be left out. More importantly, the website must be updated every day without fail.


3. Aim to the top of SERP

Being on the top 5 in the SERP of search engines is a goal car dealers must aim for. This costs money and a good digital marketing agency such as Clickheredigital.com, a certified vehicle digital marketing agency can guide car dealers to achieve this goal in a cost-effective manner employing various strategies that would include choosing appropriate keywords, bidding strategically, adding extensions, and optimizing ad budgets across campaigns.

4. Keywords

The key to top results on SERP is keywords. Many car dealers can lose a lot of money by not paying enough attention to keywords. With tens of car dealers selling different auto brands, it is a fiercely competitive market out there. Thus, keyword strategy has to be the right mix of appropriate keywords, negative keywords, and competitors’ keywords. These can help car dealers being found easily.

5. Personalize

Today’s world is defined by personalization. Therefore, car dealers and their digital marketing agencies should spend quality time in fine-tuning their target audiences and match their ads to direct the messaging in as many personalized ways as possible to attract the maximum number of visitors of the right demographics. If they target precisely they are making their advertising dollars’ work that much harder. Further, they should optimize their websites and ads for viewing on multiple devices. Often, something that is appropriate for laptop screens may not be suitable for much smaller mobile screens.

6. Call to action

While building brand image and providing information helps to be on top of the mind of car buyers, driving sales is a function of the call to action messaging. Car buyers need to see the car and take a test drive and discuss various options of financing, add-on, and other choices they have to make. This is achieved when they visit the car dealer’s showroom. Thus, there must be a compelling reason for car buyers to rush to the car showrooms. Car dealers must make it worth the while for car buyers to hasten the car buying process.


7. Retargeting

Since car buying is an involved process, it may not be possible to always hook a customer at the first attempt. Therefore, retargeting efforts must be employed to ensure customers are not abandoned midway. It is here that car dealers make the most impact. Thus, car dealers must monitor the first time visitors and understand their proclivities and provide them the necessary information and contact points to guide them through the buying process. Remember, the majority of car buyers visit a dealership after first doing research online. Car dealers should capitalize on the job done by their websites to visit their showrooms. They should not waste the opportunity of motivating car buyers by being responsive to their queries.

As many cars on the roads as possible are the best advertising car dealers can hope to achieve. The car dealers are the ones who finally put the cars on the roads. Thus, they should ensure their off-road activities such as marketing are geared to put many more cars on the roads. This can be admirably achieved by employing digital marketing strategies highlighted above.