Creating an Auto-Repair YouTube Channel

Scrolling through videos online, you are bound to find numerous tutorials on every subject that comes to mind, and automotive repair is a particularly popular topic. If you’re good with your hands and like to tinker with cars in general; you might want to consider starting a YouTube channel to support your hobby. These are tips and tricks for creating auto-repair content for YouTube, and ways to earn money doing so.

Start Strong

Get ahead of the game and start your channel with a strong database of videos already available for viewing. Of course, it is a good idea to begin by uploading a few videos at the start. After the first influx of videos, you may settle into a regular schedule to upload content. A backlog of videos is also recommended, in case you are ever too busy to make new content on time. By starting with a strong base, your channel can only grow exponentially bigger if you are consistent and determined.

What Type of Repairs Will You Do?

Many mechanics are experts at a specific type of vehicle. If that applies to you; your channel should reflect this at the start. You should research the common problems people face when trying to repair their own vehicles, and find ways to help them solve those problems. Never give out any information you are not entirely sure of. When trying to repair something new, you should indicate that to the viewers, so they know you aren’t an expert in that particular issue. For example, you could say that you are ‘trying’ to fix something, instead of claiming that this is the way to do it. Honesty has a powerful effect on viewers in their perception of your brand image, and deception can quickly discourage people from watching.

Your Audience

Remember that the content you create will only be successful if your audience finds it helpful. People are increasingly searching for how-to videos on YouTube. So keep in mind that your audience members might be people who know just enough about cars to understand a video tutorial. So keep your content information-rich, but also make it easy to grasp for the average viewer.

Try your best to cater to your audience, and if possible create videos that are repeatedly requested. For example, if many people comment “Show us how to change the spark plugs”; forget it is an easy task in your opinion and you might not think it deserves a tutorial. Simply make the requested video. In this way, you will include your audience in the process of creating your content and thus motivating them to be loyal to your channel. However, you need to start somewhere and having that strong start at the beginning is essential.

With tools such as Jaynike, you can bring your channel to viewers as recommended content and attract some viewers right off the bat.

Equipment and Other Requirements

Needless to say, you must make room in your budget for spare parts and other tools you will need for repairing cars. Besides the tools you will need to fix cars, there are a few more requirements to create engaging content for YouTube. A high-quality video camera is a must. The Canon Powershot is quite a popular choice among beginners. Obviously, you will also need a tripod for your camera, and lighting equipment if you find it necessary. After shooting your videos you will probably want to edit them; even if only to cut out bloopers. Blender 3D is open source and easy to use. You can even find plenty of tutorials online on how to use the software. With these tools and basic skills, all you need is creativity and inspiration. It is simply a matter of finding cars in need of repair. You may need a physical location to work in. After all, those cars need to be parked somewhere as you repair them. YouTubers that review cars often use an open parking lot to shoot their videos; but for repairs, you will probably need to visit an automotive garage. Many businesses won’t mind allowing you to shoot your videos at their location for a discounted price, in exchange for a shout-out or mention as a marketing strategy for their organization. YouTubers with a substantial following have more negotiating power because they are seen as marketing influencers, and could make a deal where they use a facility for free in exchange for marketing.

Where to Find Vehicles To Repair

You should always have cars ready to repair. Go to vehicle graveyards, you might be surprised what you’ll find. Always ask permission from the owners of a vehicle graveyard before entering the property, as some are not keen to welcome visitors. If your budget does not allow for you to purchase broken-down vehicles in need of repair, you might advertise your services at a discounted price in exchange for filming for YouTube. This idea was used by several professionals in different industries – most notably the medical industry whereby doctors perform procedures at a discounted rate (or free) in exchange for permission to share the procedure on social media. It is financially feasible only after you start earning a substantial amount of money through monetizing your channel.

How Do I Earn?

YouTube pays content creators via ads that are placed on or around their content. However, to truly utilize the earning potential of social media platforms, you might look for sponsors. These are companies that will pay you a fixed amount of money per view, in exchange for a few lines of promotional script to be read during your video. You may also be asked to add a short video. Other ways to capitalize on your channel are selling merchandise to your fans, as well as selling premium subscriptions via Patreon. Some YouTubers directly ask for donations from their viewers, although this is not very lucrative, and might not sustain your channel.

Expert knowledge of your hobby can be utilized easily as a means by which you earn money on the popular video-sharing platform YouTube. Relatively small capital and a few skills are required to get started, but the results are worth the trouble.