15 Tips for Starting an Auto-Related Blog- 2020 Guide

The automotive industry is a booming sector. With new technologies coming up, there is always a great curiosity as to what will be the new launch of the automotive industry. From budgeted cars to exclusively customized cars and vehicles, the automotive industry seems to be surprising us every day.

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But when it comes to writing a blog personally, it not mean that you just start penning down your ideas as they come. You need to understand the readers and see through them. They should relate to your blog.

So here are some ideas we would like to share if you are planning to start an auto-related blog. And if you have already established one, you could still use some points to polish your blog and generate the right traffic.

1. Research Well

Before starting a topic make sure you know your topic well. If you are writing about a particular brand or model, research everything you can and know everything about it. From the first car of the brand to where it has reached today, you should be confident about everything that you are jolting down.

2. Focus on your writing


This is very important. As when we are writing about a particular car and compare it to some other, some writers forget the theme and the topic goes off track. Assure to stay on the track and write correctly and precisely about the model or brand that you are writing about.

3. Write precisely

Do not use a lot of technical words or industry words that the common man would not understand. Try writing in the language that a basic car-owner will be able to relate to. The readers find it annoying if there are too many technical details involved.

4. Know your audience

You should identify the people for whom you are writing your blog. Do you want to attract the basic car owners or the ones who love the auto industry just like you? Or you are writing to give out knowledge or answering questions that may be in the mind of people while buying automobiles. Once you have identified your audience, proceed with your language and content accordingly.


5. Choose a proper theme

Make sure your page looks like you are displaying an auto-blog. Choose the theme to give your blog the best look. Use pictures so that the readers can connect to the content more easily. The theme is an important element as it attracts readers to the blog.

6. Use graphics, pictures, videos wherever possible

A human eye first notices the picture and then the text. So, make sure to use the best pictures of your content. Also, if you want to give out technical knowledge about the automobile try using videos to give out your content. Reading long paragraphs are a no-no for blogs.

7. Choose your topics wisely

The automobile industry is a wide world. So, before plunging in first decide about the topic that you are going to explore. Is it accessories, safety, comparison, sports, races, brands, luxury? Before writing in, make sure you have the best interest in the topic that you are choosing. The more precise you sound; the more people will tend to read you.

8. Decide your writing style


Your writing style is as important as your research. Are you going to write in a humorous, satire style or professionally and direct style? Your writing style is the voice of your opinion. This is important as the writing style is the way that the audience will relate to you.

9. Be interactive

Once you have started posting your blog make sure to connect yourself to the audience. Reply to the comments, visit other posts, and advertise relatable products and content. This helps the viewers to connect to you more and you also advertise yourself for the bigger crowd.

10. Choose the appropriate web hosting

This is another important point when you are writing a blog. Assure to have a web hosting platform that is not heavy on your pockets. It should give you quality services at nominal rates. Plus, it should be fun creating and posting blogs on their servers.

11. Partner with appropriate brands

If you have immense knowledge and think that you could be an influencer on topics related to automobiles, you could partner with brands and provide their audience with insights. This will help you brush your knowledge and also make money from your hobby and knowledge.

12. Be disciplined

Once you start your blog, it takes time to build viewership. You need to be posting regularly to get a hold of blogging. And even after you gain your viewership you should be posting regularly for your audience.

13. Leave the readers inquisitive

This is an important part wherein you leave the audience wanting for more. You should give them hints or leave the audience with surprise as they wait for your next blog. This could also be revealing an interesting topic for discussion in the next blog.

14. Maintain consistency

This implies that your topics should be well connected in the blog. If your one blog is about accessories and the next is about a car model, it tends to put off the audience. You need to be consistent about the topics and maintain a common link between them. And if you have to shift the topic, it should be done very meticulously.


15. Chose the right plug-ins

Once you have a hosting server decided and the platform wherein you are posting your blogs, you will have to choose the right plug-ins to enhance your blogs. These may be free or may be paid. Choose wisely as too many plug-ins tend to slow the blog.

To conclude,

If you are an automotive fan and know your niche well, you should share your knowledge and views with everyone. If you are very interested in the automotive industry and keenly follow it, you should consider blogging.

This will not only keep you in touch with your favorite industry but you will also be able to provide some amazing insights to other people.