6 Auto Detailing Tips To Make Your Car Look Brand New

Used or old cars wouldn’t look attractive regardless of the model if their exterior and overall physical appearance isn’t well-maintained. This is where auto detailing comes into play. Auto detailing is a thorough process that can help make used or old cars look brand new. Keep in mind that auto detailing is not the same as car washing, but it can be considered an in-depth and thorough method of a typical car wash.

Aside from making your car look brand new, auto detailing is a great way to maintain the value of your car—which is a smart idea if you’re planning to sell it in the future. So, if you want to get the most out of auto detailing, check out proautospas.com for the most effective and important professional car detailing services that can help you keep your car looking new.

1. Apply Cleaning Products To The Towel


In auto detailing, don’t directly apply any cleaning product to the surface of the car. Instead, apply it to an applicator or towel. By doing this, you will have full control when it comes to the needed amount of product and where it should go.

Directly applying cleaning products over big areas will make a mess that takes time to correct. For example, when vinyl protectants get stuck on glass, getting rid of them can be very difficult. Avoid this mistake by using towels or applicators instead.

2. Touch Up Chipped Paint

Like open wounds, uncovered chipped paint can get infected with debris and rust that may result in a bigger problem. Fortunately, performing a touch-up is pretty easy. All you need to do is purchase a quality touch-up paint, wax-and-grease remover, and a fine-tip paint applicator. But you need to choose a color that resembles the color of your car.

Once you have the needed equipment, start the process by cleaning the chipped paint using the remover and let it dry. After that, dip the applicator in the paint and apply it to the chip. But if you want to repaint your car, consider using the Fuji Spray Auto V8 Spray Gun. Or, if you are looking for a spray paint tool and want to learn more about pattern control, click here to visit fujisprayauto.com and get help or assistance.

3. Start From Top To Bottom

One of the most common detailing mistakes people make is to begin cleaning at random areas. But professionals are aware that it is important to start from the top to the bottom. In that way, impurities will not be reintroduced to the areas that have been cleaned.

With that in mind, start by rinsing the roof, trunk lid, hood, glass, and so on. All the debris and mud coming from these areas will flow at the bottom of your car. So, it is important to rinse it on the way down. Always keep this in mind throughout the whole process. Keep on washing and rinsing top-down especially in small areas so that the soap will not dry on the surface.

One more thing, make sure to perform it in the shade and not in the sunlight.  This helps keep the cleaning solution from drying on the surface of your car—which usually creates stubborn water spots.

4. Shampoo And Wax Your Car Every Two Weeks


If you want to keep the car’s paintwork looking excellent, make sure to give it a wash every two weeks or so. Aside from getting rid of dirt, shampoo helps reduce unnecessary abrasion as well as preventing the start of rust.

But shampooing alone will not preserve your car’s paint quality and this is where car waxing comes into play. When you apply wax, your car’s surface will become more repellent. As a result, splashes from rainwater or dirty puddles will roll off easily, carrying stains away with water.

However, you shouldn’t directly pour liquid waxes on the surface of your car as it may result in uneven and dark streaks in the finish. Better yet, pour the wax on the applicator. With that in mind, you can use a 2-in-1 shampoo, as this also contains wax for further protection as you wash.

5. Dry Paintwork Using A Chamois Or Towel

If you allow your car to dry after cleaning it, watermarks are more likely to come up on the surface. As a matter of fact, these marks are often harder to remove compared to road dust and dirt. To effectively dry your car, you can use a chamois or soft microfiber towel to carefully get rid of water droplets on your car’s surface.

6. Clean Under The Seats Thoroughly

Now, you may think that your car is shiny and clean. The question is, have you checked under the seats? If possible, make sure to clean under the seats regularly. Experts from cartoys.com say that if you have compressed air blow, you can use it to get rid of any debris or you can utilize a vacuum attachment to reach difficult areas.

Final Say


Hopefully, the above-mentioned auto detailing tips will help you make your car look brand new. The good thing about auto detailing is that you can do it on your own as long as you have the right tools, the best cleaning products, and the basic knowledge for the job.

Just remember to avoid applying cleaning products directly to the surface of your car. And if you’re washing, make sure to do it from the top-down. Furthermore, make sure to wipe your car dry with a microfiber cloth to avoid watermarks from forming. Aside from auto detailing, regular car washing and basic maintenance will help keep your car in good shape too.

If you don’t have any experience with the auto detailing process, it’s best to just hire a professional to do the job. Make sure to work with a service provider that has enough experience. Do your research so that you will not end up with the wrong one. If possible, choose one that has lots of positive customer reviews. You should also choose a service provider that offers a warranty so they can be responsible if ever something happens to your car in the process.