Auto Detailing: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever been envious of another person’s professionally detailed car when you have driven past them in the streets? Have you ever wondered how they get such a beautifully detailed car? Has the price of professional detailing discouraged you from seeking it out yourself? As an owner of a vehicle, you always want it to look brand new and well kept. Well, your jealousy and car envy can soon be abated with these top tips and tricks about do it yourself (DIY) auto detailing.

But what is auto detailing?

To explain it quickly and simply, auto detailing, or even just car detailing is car care. Detailing is just the professional term that people who are involved in the automobile industry use. Those who are really passionate about the subject can be known to describe auto detailing as turning cars into art. To be frank, however, auto detailing is defined as simply a thorough restoration of a car, that includes cleaning, and finishing of a vehicle. (It is worth saying that this applies to any vehicle, not just cars).

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having your car detailed;

  • Makes your car look brand new: A big part of auto detailing is the interior and exterior work. Namely, cleaning, dent repairs, glass treatment, paint correction, polishing, odor elimination, and waxing. All of the above can make your car look swanky and completely brand new as you had literally just driven it out of a car showroom. This can improve the color of your car and rids it of any imperfections on the surface, big or small. You can check out Blazing Auto for more information.
  • Eradicates any unwanted mess: Auto detailing is not just restricted to the inside and outside the shell of your car. This also includes the engine of your car. An old or frequently used engine can accumulate piles of unwanted mess, such as dirt and oil. All of this has also been known to trap heat. This all means that your engine can potentially start to fail and break down frequently and much before the warranty is supposed to finish. That is why auto detailing is such a huge benefit for any car (and subsequently the engine).
  • Improves your personal safety: It is a simple fact that cars will run much more smoothly if they have been cleaned and serviced. If you have your car auto detailed, then it will improve your safety. Many variables are treated to ensure this. The windows are treated to improve visibility, wheels are also cleaned and checked to help driving conditions and even the headlights are polished for a better sheen.
  • Makes your car more valuable during resale: Second-hand cars are a lucrative business. If you have your car auto detailed before you plan on selling it onward to a new owner, it will make it much more valuable. This is because it has been professionally cleaned and treated, thus making it look newer and less worn down by time. No one would be willing to buy a potentially dirty and odorous car, so it is recommended to have it auto detailed before you sell it to anyone else.
  • It will preserve your vehicle from the elements: New cars, when they are first bought, are protected by a thin clear coat that is applied over the paint job. This coat is designed to protect your car from the weather, such as rain, and the bad effects it can have on your paint job. However, over time, this coat will become worn and fade. Auto detailing will restore this coat through waxing, protecting your car once more.



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