8 Useful Auto Detailing and Cleaning Tips for Beginners – 2020 Guide

Keeping the car clean on a daily basis is very important because of hygiene, but also because of the appearance and duration of the entire car. It is very important to pay attention to details. Although the car may look clean at first glance, without visible stains, it is still necessary to wash it thoroughly during each wash. It is easy to drink coffee in the car, transport children and pets, food and the like.
After a while, it gets dirty, just like with your house, so you have to disinfect everything in detail and wash off the dirt. This is very important for your health in the first place. As you take care of the exterior of the car, you should pay as much attention to the interior.
However, you need to know how to do it properly. This may seem obvious to you, but sometimes it’s good to remember the basics, but also the smaller steps (they are equally important). Here are some helpful tips on how to thoroughly clean your car.


What is detailing?

When we say that it is important to thoroughly clean the car, we mean certain steps such as maintaining the exterior of the car, protecting it, cleaning and protecting the interior as well. In the whole process, it is necessary to pay attention to the details … When it comes to the exterior, you must be sure that you have properly cleaned the car from dirt, debris and visible stains. Also, try to use items that will not scratch your car.
When it comes to external protection, this means that the car must be protected from external influences that can damage its components. Interior maintenance refers to cleaning leather, plastic, vacuuming, etc.
Most models require the same treatment, and that refers to improving the shine of the material and protection from external influences. There are also products that are designed for specific parts of the car, as we said it depends on the model. Keep reading to discover the specific steps that are taken during this process.

5 rules

First, avoid washing your car while it is in the sun. Car wash does not withstand high temperatures and loses its purpose. Also, high temperatures can lead to rapid drying, and so you get traces on your car. It is best to clean indoors or in a safe shade.
Secondly, use a separate cloth, sponge, or some other object for each part of the car. By using the same wash mitt, you do not achieve anything, you only manage to move the dirt from one part of the car to another and thus keep it polluted. Think about this before you start cleaning the glass after the tires have been cleaned.
Third, we recommend that you have a work plan when cleaning. It is best to go from top to bottom when cleaning. Also, in the first place are the wheels, they should be cleaned immediately.
Fourth, let lubrication be understood as a regular step during car maintenance. Think about your car color.
Fifth, but no less important, is that as we said, do not forget to have enough towels, sponges, etc. Throw away everything used and dirty and get clean items for the next wash. Also, choose the right shampoo for your car.

Cost-effective alternative

Today, wherever you live, you can leave your car to experts who will wash it in detail at any time. There are various companies like M&M Auto Detailing which offer great service. Professionals will do the same as you, and the only difference is that you will not bother to do it yourself. However, is it necessary to take your car to professionals?
Honestly, you can do everything that an expert will do. Once you take your car for a wash, it’s okay and can pay off. On the other hand, when you do it all the time – it is not profitable at all. The fact is that their prices depend on the characteristics of your car (size and other details).
When you add and subtract everything, cleaning at home can save you a lot. When you take everything you need, you can save $ 250 right at the beginning because you would give about that much to go to a specialist. However, you will save even more for a longer period of time because all the stocks will remain with you and you can use them again. It would be said that this is much more cost-effective.

How to wash your car the right way:

1. Check it first

When you decide on a thorough cleaning, of course, you also need to know the individual characteristics of your car. That is why it is necessary to make a plan in your head on how to do the cleaning. You will be able to design the steps best if you inspect the car in detail, and it usually takes about 2 hours. Evaluate the complete car, and then go to work.

2. Wheels


As we have already said, it always moves with wheels. They should be washed thoroughly first, because they are simply the dirtiest on the whole car. You also leave them plenty of time to dry, and you don’t have to worry about them drying out later when you first clean them.

3. Pre-wash

This is a very important step. This way you remove any stubborn stains or debris from something that has stuck to your car. So during the next phase, you can calmly focus on cleaning the surface of the car, and later on polishing. However, this will not be possible if you do not get rid of the annoying hard dirt in time.

4. Snow Foam

The foam allows you to actually separate as much dirt from your car as possible, so it’s the best way to remove stains. So use the safest way to clean, without worrying about damaging the color of the car when removing heavy stains. Simply put, the spots automatically stick to this snow cover and so your color stays safe.

5. Wash


It’s time to wash, you probably know how to do it, and in the previous part of the text we have indicated some correct ways that can help you. However, you cannot do this properly unless you have taken the previous steps and applied the tricks we mentioned to you.

6. Decontamination

This technique, which involves the use of chemicals, removes industrial waste or simple dust that has been standing there for a long time and sticks to the paint. So with this tool, you can safely remove everything that could have settled there until then, and it is glued to the paint.

7. Drying

For this, you should use a towel made of the softest material, and start the same as with washing – from top to bottom. Dry each part well so that no traces remain.

8. Polishing


This step is quite important so don’t skip it in any way. With it, you give the final touch to the entire wash by getting rid of scratches and other traces on the car. You can also do this with a machine, and the car will look like you just bought it.

9. Waxing

Once your car has been cleaned and polished, complete the wax washing process. This will protect the car from all external influences or its color, and thus you will extend its life. You will also find it easier to clean the surface of the car every next time, because it will not stick to the paint than this layer.



We hope you find these tips helpful. As you can see, cleaning a car is not that hard. In addition to the fact that you have to do it correctly and in detail, the most important thing is to do it often. Also, be careful and, above all, clean the car as much as you think is necessary.