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Are Cooper Tires Good?

Cooper Tires is one of the leading names in the tire manufacturing industry today. The brand started out small, making tire patches and tire cement about a century ago. However, it soon expanded its domain and began manufacturing tires that became popular in little time. Cooper Tires now make various types of tires for different vehicles, ranging from cars to SUVs to minivans. The company has expanded worldwide, distributing its products to about 13 countries, at present. In addition to that, the company now produces Original Equipment tires for big market players, such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

Prominent features of Cooper tires

Considering its rather small startup to the heights of success that the brand has reached, one has to accept that Cooper Tires has come a long way. The popularity of the brand in the market and among the consumers is the result of a number of prominent features. Some of them are considered here.

1. Quality:

Cooper tires promises to provide good quality products to their customers, and has thus far, lived up to its promise. The materials used in the manufacturing process are carefully chosen, so that they last for many years with minimal need for repair or replacements. Their products have continuously improved over the years, and modern technological developments are being used to further raise the bar. Cooper also claims to perform regular testing of their tires at their facility in the USA. This allows them to keep a strict check on the standard of manufacture.

2. Cost:

A key factor that led to the popularity of Cooper tires in the past years is the affordability of the tires. Cooper tires are known to have the most economical range of products as compared to its competitors. The prices vary, depending on the category, type and size of the tire, however the prices are estimated to be about 25-50% lower than those of other top quality brands. Moreover, Cooper tires have introduced a number of fuel efficient options in the recent years which lower the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Thus, the same distance can be covered with lesser expenditure.

3. Construction and Design:

Cooper tires have come up with some of the most inspirational products over the years, in terms of designing. The tires are manufactured using the latest technology and customized techniques, specific for different tires. The design, shape, size and depth and pattern of treads of each tire are carefully monitored to meet its needs, and those of the vehicle. This allows their products to perform exceptionally well under the desired circumstances, including mud, snow and other difficult terrains. The company makes use of innovative ideas and the most updated techniques to design their products, hence offering a wide range of options to their customers to choose from.

4. Warranty:

The tires manufactured by Cooper come with a warranty, which allow the customers to make the purchase with peace of mind. Each tire possesses a standard or premium warranty, whereas some selective products have a 45-day road test or mileage warranty.

5. After Sale Services:

Cooper tires is a customer-friendly brand, and provides extensive guidance and support to the customers before and after the purchase. Cooper tires are backed with tread wear protection, for up to 80,000 miles. Hence, any damaged tire can be replaced before the tread wears out. However, the distance for which the tread wear protection applies differ based on different products.

Comparison of Cooper Tires with other top brands:

While Cooper Tires have made their mark in the industry, they still face a fairly tough competition by the giants, such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Although Cooper is known for providing top quality products, the quality of tires produced by Michelin is considered to be the most superior, owing to more experience. Michelin also holds better record in terms of less number of defects in their tires. However, Cooper continues to rise in the list, and is considered to be giving a hard time to other top brands such as Goodyear.

With advancements in the transportation industry and the exponentially rising number of vehicles, different brands are coming up with a wide range of tires, varying in different properties. Currently, Michelin offers the most number of products with a myriad of different properties. Other brands like Bridgestone have also come up with a broad range of tires. Although Cooper also covers a wide spectrum of vehicles, the number of products offered are still limited as compared to these brands.

Cooper Tires trumps all other top brands when it comes to cost effectiveness. The prices of the products vary with category and type. However, they are far lower than the prices of similar products offered by other brands. It is estimated that on average, the price of a Cooper tire is 25% lower than the price of a similar tire by Michelin. The cost difference with other brands is also approximately $10-20 per tire, which makes a lot of difference for the buyer.

Are Cooper tires worth it- Conclusion

As the transportation industry continues to grow, so does the number of brands and the competition in market. However, Cooper Tires have obtained a central position in the tire manufacturing brands, thanks to its experience, quality and cost effectiveness. Owing to its qualities, the brand has become one of the largest producers of tires in the world, and continues to grow. It is conclusive, therefore, that Cooper tires are not only good, but amongst the best options available today.

The best Cooper tires in the market

If you are looking for some great Cooper tires, do consider these two worthy options. These two Cooper tires have been considered the ultimate best by the brand by our team of reviewers as they represent the pinnacle of all the qualities this brand stands and is known for.

1. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season LT245/75R16 120/116Q Tire

The most extreme off-road all-season tire Cooper offers…

This 16 SUV/ light pickup truck is the most capable and tough all-season tire offered by Cooper or, perhaps, any brand. It has been designed to serve you year-round and fare quite nicely on most of the terrains as well. It is quiet, comfortable and responsive on the highway but ruthless and efficient off-road. In addition to all that , what makes this tire truly shine is its impeccable wet traction. With hundreds and thousand of reviews on different online stores, there is little to doubt its popularity and consumer demand. It does all that while still remaining fuel efficient which is absurd, by any standards, for such a capable tire.

However, do not mistake this amazing all-season tire for a dedicated off-road all-terrain or mud-terrain tire. Its functionality is severely compromised when the going gets really tough which is but typical for every all-season tire.

2. Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season 285/60R18 116T Tire

All-season tire with a sporty look…

This 18 inch all-season tire is designed to serve light truck/ SUV owners who are looking to give their vehicles a sporty look. In a brilliant commercial move, Cooper decided to target this untapped market of truck owners who have sparse options when aesthetics are the main concerns. Besides its beautiful looks, the tire also performs equally great. It provides excellent wet traction and a truly impressive highway handling. With additional rubber to protect sidewalls and a substantial self-cleaning property, this tires will keep looking great over the years too.

However, the load capacity and the off-road capacity of this tire is unremarkable.

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