12 Must- Have Accessories You Need For Your First Off-Road Trip

If you like driving in the wild, you can have a great time by going on some off-road adventure. These trips are very popular and you can find many organizations full of people interested in driving in the wilderness. However, if you don’t have any experience in driving over some difficult roads, you should learn more about safety measures and buy proper equipment that will help you in any situation.

Also, you will need special equipment for your vehicle as well, that will increase its capabilities to deal with difficult terrains. You can visit AutoCraze where you can find a great selection of additional parts like snorkels, nudge bars, flares, and more. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some essential equipment that you should buy when taking the first off-road trip.

1. Winch

This device can be lifesaving because it serves for getting your vehicle from mud or other situations where you get stuck in the wild. This tool has a strong rope that you can tie to the nearest tree or another vehicle, and it will pull out your car from the mud. Also, it is simple to use which means that even a beginner will manage to deal with it efficiently.

2. Air Compressor Kit

The air compression kit is an essential part of equipment when you are going to drive your SUV over more challenging terrains. The main reason for that is that you should keep the tires with less compression while driving over roads in the woods or mountains. Therefore, there might be a situation where you will have to change the compression more often if you are changing different terrains during your adventure because the pressure should be different for standard roads and challenging ones.

3. Jump Starter

Many people would choose to go on the off-road tour only to get on someplace in the wild where they could raise a tent along with the campfire. However, most of them would decide to use the electricity from their vehicles, play music, leave the lights on, and more. On the other hand, there is a great chance that it will cause an empty battery in the end. In that case, you won’t be able to start the car without assistance. The best way is to always have a jump starter, which can use by attaching it to the battery of another vehicle.

4. Work Gloves

It might seem irrelevant, but you should always keep a pair of quality gloves in your trunk. For example, there might be some obstacles on the road when you are driving through some wood. In that case, not wearing work gloves can lead to injuries. Also, you want to need to worry about getting infected by some dirt since you will keep your hands clean.

5. Hi-Lift Jack

Since you will be driving on roads with many obstructions, chances to get some issues with malfunctions are increased as well. Therefore, you will need proper equipment that can help you to fix your car, especially in some areas without any road assistance nearby. The hi-lift jack is an excellent tool that can help you to lift your vehicle and check the problem and resolve it quickly.

6. Backup Gasoline

You should be aware that most SUVs consume a lot of gasoline. Therefore, be sure to keep the amount of gas in your reservoir on a proper level, and take an additional amount with yourself. That can be lifesaving in case you have an empty reservoir in the middle of some wilderness where there is no gas station in the area.

7. Spot Headlamp

If there is a situation where your car has some issues and you will need to check the problem, a headlamp will help you to deal with that much easier. Even though most people would use the lamp on the phone for a better view under the car, these lamps are much more convenient since you don’t need to hold them all the time.

8. Tire Repair Kit

It is essential to always keep an extra tire in your trunk because there is a great chance to deal with a flat tire when you are driving off-road. That is a basic rule, and everyone should keep a separate tire all the time, especially during these adventures. Also, be sure to have all of the tools required for changing a tire.

9. Maxtrax

This simple device can save you a lot of time if you get stuck in some mud or sand. It won’t take a lot of place in the car, while it is very easy to use as well, even for beginners. If you get stuck, you only have to place it under one of the wheels. This tool is very efficient when we compare it to some other methods.

10. Hand Tools Kit

You should always keep a toolkit in the car even if you are not interested in any adventures because you will be capable of dealing with some simple issues without the need to call for assistance. A proper toolkit must have screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other hand tools.

11. Spade

Using a spade is another great solution in case you get stuck. You might need to dig up the whole around the wheels to place a Maxtrax there. Also, it can be very handy if you are planning to camp outside because you can dig up a hole for a campfire.

12. Fire Extinguisher

Driving through some dangerous roads always brings a chance for some more serious malfunctions on the car. Therefore, having a Fire Extinguisher could play a big role in your safety if some malfunction affects the vehicle to start burning. Also, if you are planning to make a campfire, this device can save the spread of fire if you make a mistake and don’t create a good spot for it.

Last Words

Besides these essential tools, which are mostly related to the maintenance of your vehicle, you should keep a first aid in your car as well, which can be very helpful in case that you injure yourself. Even the slightest cut on some tree, rock, or any other surface could cause an infection. In that matter, create a list and buy all of these products that will secure you to have a great time on your adventure.

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