800+ HP Genovation GXE Is Chevrolet Corvette With Electric Powertrain

3. Performances


This is yet another segment that will definitely surprise you. With a huge amount of power and torque that is immediately available you will need less than 3 seconds for 0 to 60 mph sprint. On top of that, top speed of more than 220 mph (354 km/h) is something we are not used to seeing from electric cars.

2. Range


Electric vehicles are still limited with the battery technology that is currently used. Even it is top of the line tech, this is again a limiting factor and a thing that can persuade buyers to opt for gasoline or diesel powered car. With Genovation GXE you will be able to cover about 175 miles or 281 km on a single charge. Expect these numbers to significantly fall if you decide to push it hard.