7 Famous Green Cars (2018)

St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland, and it is one of the oldest customs that are still marked today. The March 17th was the death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, and even though St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated by Irish, feasts and festivals, as well as concerts are held in different parts of the world. This holiday is not listed as traditional, but it has been celebrated annually since the 18th century, and people dress in green colors and drink lots of booze. To commemorate this holiday, we are going to present seven famous green cars!

7. Ford Mustang Bullitt


To start of this list, we have to go back to 1968 when Bullitt was launched. The movie was an instant box office hit, and it won the Academy Award for Best Film Editing, and it was nominated for Best Sound. However, what attracted gearheads to watch the film was McQueen’s Ford Mustang. This car is finished in the dark green, and two examples were purchased for the filming, but only one survived once the cameras stopped rolling.

6. Bentley Speed Six “Blue Train Special”


Even though this Bentley form the 1930s carries the name “Blue Train Special,” there is nothing blue about this car. The Bentley is finished in green, but we feel obligated to explain the term. The “Blue Train” goes back to 1930 when Woolf Barnato was the company’s chairman. He accepted the wager saying that he couldn’t drive from Cannes, France to London and get there before the Calais-Mediterranean Express reached the English Channel. He was driving the 1928 Speed Six and won the bet. As for the car – it is gorgeous!

5. Jaguar D-Type


Jaguar D-Type was in production between 1954 and 1957, and it had a lot in common with the C-Type. The creators of the D-Type focused on the aerodynamic elements of the car, and it is not surprising to hear that this model had three consecutive wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The D-Type was produced in multiple colors, but it is the proud ambassador of the “British Racing Green” which is why it entered the list.

4. Willys MB Army Jeep


Speaking of the most iconic vehicles that are finished in green, the Willys MB Army Jeep is one of the best. It was used by the US Army in World War II, but besides contributing to success and victory, it also spread the “Jeep” word. The success it had during the war motivated Willys-Overland to create a model for the civilian market, and thus the CJ was born.

3. Green Hornet’s “Black Beauty”


Although it is not green, it has green headlights

One of the cars worth mentioning is based on the Green Hornet and created specifically for the 1966 TV Series. The model is called the “Black Beauty,” and at its core, it is the Imperial Crown, which is heavily modified to fit the needs of the show. Dean Jeffries, the renowned Hollywood carmaker, created and equipped this car. Although it is not green, it has green headlights, and it is driven by a character that wears a green costume, so there you go.

2. Ferrari 330 GT Vignale Shooting Brake


Including a Ferrari on any car list is a must. Before we start talking about the Ferrari 330 GT Vignale Shooting Brake, we have to mention that there are Ferrari fans who firmly believe that all of the company’s cars should be red. These people don’t know what they are talking about because the titled vehicle appeared in 1968, it was painted in green and it was beautiful. Alfredo Vignale assembled this car for US Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti, and it was Vignale’s last project.

1. Mopar’s High-Impact Green Hues


At the end of the 1960s, Chrysler launched a series of exterior colors named High-Impact Colors. They were available for Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth, but the most famous models who wore it were the Dodge Charger and Challenger as well as the Plymouth Barracuda. Even though there were series of colors, green appeared to be carmaker’s favorite as the Dodge models were offered in Bright Green, Sublime and Green Go. Same colors were used by other brands, but they were called Lime Lights, Rallye Green, and Sassy Grass.

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