6 Celebrities Whose Custom Car Would Look Like This

With celebrity status comes money which people use to purchase luxurious homes, cars, yachts, etc. Usually, being petrol heads or not, celebrities have a car collection and they change their rides every now and then. Cars have always signified the status and often, the celebrities have their favorite vehicles customized according to their own liking from the color down to accessories like spoilers and number plates. (Click here to know more about personalized license plates.)

But what if these cars were designed were actually designed fully by these actors, rappers and popstars, leaving their personal mark? We present you 6 VIPs and their signature models.

6. Pharrell Williams – Renault Clio


Even though it may not seem like an obvious choice for Pharrell, but he would fit perfectly into a Renault Clio. Only this model would come with an eye-catching yellow color with black lettering over the sides, promoting his message of equality.

5. Rihanna – VW Golf


Rihanna’s designs for her Fenty shoe collaborations with Puma would have to stretch out to her car of choice which would be a Volkswagen Golf. Of course, the license plates would have “RIRI” written on them.

4. Kanye West – Range Rover Evoque


Kanye West, besides being a famous rapper, is also into shoe industry and he has his own fashion line Yeezy. Furthermore, he collaborates with Adidas and we though that his Evoque would be similar to the shoe – with Zebra printing and massive spoilers on all sides.

3. DJ Khaled – Nissan Qashqai


DJ Khaled is often collaborating with Nike and has has unveiled a pair of limited edition “We The Best” sneakers. That is why his Qashqai would feature “We The Best” letters on the sides.

2. Kylie Jenner – Opel Corsa


The cute little Opel Corsa would be perfect for Kylie Jenner. With a reflective “window” accent and colors such as pink and black, this model is just perfect. Inside, there would be a lot of mirrors as well as perfect ambient lighting.

1. Skepta – Bugatti Divo


This Bugatti Divo is customized based on Skepta’s Nike Air Max 97 Sk and you have to admit that is looks awesome. This could easily be Skepta’s car!