6 Amazing Things You Need To Know About New Tesla Roadster

With recent climate changes, it is obvious that we are hurting our planet with our way of life. As a result, many people tend to do their part when it comes to preserving the environment and one of the ways of doing that is certainly going electric or hybrid with your next car. One of the leaders in that department is the U.S. based carmaker Tesla that recently announced their new Roadster and here are 6 amazing things that you need to know about it.

6. Aerodynamics


When you take a look at the figures that the company promises for their Roadster to deliver, you need to agree that those are mighty impressive. From 0 to 62 mph it will need only 1.9 seconds and zero to 100 mph sprint is done in 4.2 seconds. Top speed of 250 mph is enough to beat almost all super and hypercars on the market.

If you are like us, you must be wondering how is all this possible. Well, aerodynamics plays the key role in all of this. Power is important of course, but if you are pushing a brick-like vehicle through the air, no amount of power will help you reach those insane speeds. Carbon fiber diffuser and active rear spoiler are just the part of this aero package.