5 Tips for Spring Car Maintenance

Spring is always a good time to clean your home, but it should also be the time when you need to check up on your car. The winter can be harsh on your vehicle and in this article, we wanted to give some general tips on what steps do you need to take to insure your vehicle will stay in top shape after some severe winter months!

Clean the outside of the car

After a period of sunshine and rain, a lot of dirt and soil will cling to your car. The first thing in the spring car maintenance journey is washing the car. After a long time, wash your car with soap and water first. After washing, clean it with a broom or towel every few days.

You also need to pay attention to the glass in the car. You should use a specialized glass cleaner to clean the glass. Glass will be scratched after a period of use. you should stain and treat minor scratches with specialized substances. A lot of dirt is in the windshield wipers, don’t forget to maintain or replace the wipers.

The paint on the outside of the car will scratch after a period of use. You should polish the paint. Or, repaint the exterior of your car or add your favorite new color.

Interior cleaning

After cleaning the outside of the vehicle, you should take care of the inside. The work is very simple and you can do it at home. First, clean the seats. If the seat made of leather, use a towel and a special solution to clean it. If you have a seat cover, remove it and wash it.

You should remove all the furniture from the car so you can clean the inside of the car clean. Because people put blankets, pillows, food and some toys in the car. Not only spring, but you should also change the cabin wind every few months. Also, deodorize the car with ozone dispenser or aromatic bags.

There is a pretty good way to deodorize your car if the traditional ways don’t work. Before applying this method, make sure that there are no other belongings in your vehicle. You use boiled fresh ginger juice and soft cotton.

Dip soft cotton in fresh ginger water and wipe everything in the interior of the car. If the cotton is no longer hot, heat it again. When finished cleaning, you can leave the car door open and turn on the air conditioner to dry the car.

Take care of the machine system

When the engine compartment is dusty, the vehicle’s life expectancy will reduce. You should pay attention to cleaning the machinery system in the car. When the engine compartment is clean, the vehicle’s life expectancy will increase. Besides, it helps reduce the failure of other parts.

When cleaning your car at home, make sure the engine is no longer hot. You should use aluminum foil to wrap the parts that do not get in contact with the water. Do not use Use sprays to clean the machinery deep in the car. Instead, use a tornado vapor gun.

A tornado gun is a specialized tool to clean the engine compartment. It combining active and compressed air. Special active ingredients do not damage the engine. It can melt grease and dirt on the engine surface in a short time. After cleaning the dirt, you should spray the engine with a specialized solution.

Clean the vehicle brakes and check the engine oil

Braking is a sensitive part of the vehicle. If we do not check, it is very easy to fail. Because the brakes are so important, it ensures the safety of everyone on the vehicle. So we need to take care of the brakes more than the other parts. You should clean the brakes, not only the spring.

When the brakes get dirty, it will perform. A lot of dirt sticks to the brakes when using the car. Nowadays, the market buys many types of cleaning solutions. Y ou can use them to clean the brake discs and brake systems.

Also, you should check the amount of oil in the car. Oil to maintain the smooth running of machinery in the vehicle. Also to adding oil to the oil tank, you should apply oil to the engine joints and brake joints. This will help the machines and brakes work better.

Do not forget to clean the tires

Tires are the parts in direct contact with the road surface. So it breaks down and degrades. Especially if your home has many difficult roads, the tires are more likely to break. If the tire abraded, it will be dangerous to use the car. You should check and repair tires once a month.

The first thing you need to do is to check the tire wear. The tire spikes help the car to be non-slip and go easier on bends. When walking for a while, the tire will be easy to wear. The abrasion status of the tire is visible through the eyes. When the degree of abrasion of the tire is high, you should replace or tire spikes.

The next step is to check the tire pressure. When the tire pressure is right, the car will run smoother and save fuel. The too-small tire will cause the tire to sink. Excessive tire will cause danger when riding. Besides, the tire is subject to temperature effects and you should adjust the tire pressure.

Also, you should adjust the ruler and balance wheel. Rear tires and tire valves should inspect more to avoid unfortunate accidents. If you’re shopping for new tires, be sure to do your research at talkcarswell.com


Spring car maintenance is necessary. Not only to repair the car after a cold winter but also to prepare for summer with many travel trips. But, if you have time, you should take care of the car more often. You can take advantage of your free time to clean the car. Then go to the car repair center to warrant the machines.