5 mistakes to avoid when buying a truck (and 5 details to pay attention to)

No process is more exciting than the one for buying a new car or house. This article will serve you as a guide for buying a new car, more specific a truck. If you have decided that, your next car will be a truck, you will have to invest time and energy into the process of selecting it because it is a decision you will have to live with for the next years.

It does not matter if you opt for a new or used car, the mistakes you should stay away from are the same, and the details you have to focus on are similar. It is more than selecting a car that fits your budget, it is about finding the perfect one and not buying a lemon. Yes, you need to set a budget for buying your new truck and you will have to decide what your favourite brands are. Once you have established these two aspects you can move on and check the criteria we suggest to you. so let’s take a look at the 5 mistakes you have to avoid and 5 details you should not miss.

Mistakes you should stay away from

  1. Choose the wrong cabin size

Are you sure, you need a truck? You may want one, but you have to make sure that you need it. Trucks come in 3 different cabin sizes, therefore you have to think about how many passengers you will have in your car most of the time.

  1. Pick the wrong strength

You need to check the towing capacity and payload of the truck before considering buying it. The payload reflects the amount of weight the truck can carry, and the towing capacity the amount of weight it can haul with the help of a hitch. Know the numbers before starting the search.

  1. Not asking why the car is sold

If you opt for a used car, you need to know why the owner put it on sale. It is because they are no longer happy with it or because they do not use it anymore. In case the car features some problems, it is important to know them from the start.

  1. Not checking the car’s history

It would be amazing if the truck you want to purchase has not been involved in an accident. If it has been involved in an accident, it is important to check its history. You need to know what the extent of the accident was, and if there are parts you need to replace. If you know the truck’s history, you can prepare for potential issues. Do not buy a car that experienced major damage.

  1. Not checking the parts that need to be replaced

Many used trucks come at affordable prices, even cheap ones we could say, but the price can be a sign that the car needs service. Determine from the beginning if it has parts that have to be replaced, and if it is worth buying a used car in these conditions, or you should opt for a new one.

Details you need to check

  1. The price, including the upgrades and repairs

You already know the budget you have for the truck but if you opt for a used one you need to check what the cost of the repairs will be. When it comes to new cars, the standard model is listed at a price but the extra upgrades come with a cost, and you should check it before placing the order. In addition, it is important to find out is the truck is fuel-efficient or not, because it is no use to have a truck if you do not afford to pay for fuel.

  1. Safety features

When buying a car, no matter if it is a sedan or truck, safety is an aspect you should pay attention to. Check the safety ratings of the truck, the safety technologies it includes, and the crash-test results.  If the model you want to choose has experienced problems in the past, it is advisable to move on to the next one from your list.

  1. Take it for a test drive

Both new and used cars should be taken for a test drive to understand if they fit your driving style and needs. You should accelerate it hard, give the brakes a workout and get the engine and transmission to operating temperatures if you want to have a clear image of the functionality of the truck. If the car is a used one you should check if it has steering issues, troubles with braking and quirks in the accelerations.

  1. The parking space

Owning a truck comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For example the new Ford F-150  is amazing, it comes with numerous security features and amenities but when it comes to the parking space, it can prove a little difficult to find one large enough. Be 100% sure that you have where to park the truck before buying it. If the truck does not fit into your garage, you should check a smaller one because they have common features.

  1. Body damage and rust

When inspecting a used car you should check it for rust and body damage. Check for rust on both the inside and outside of the vehicle. If the truck has rust on the main parts, like the doors you should not buy it because it is a sign that it was not properly maintained and it definitely has other hidden problems. In case the truck has another type of damage, you should ask the owner why they did not repair it in time.

It is always advisable to opt for a new truck if your budget affords it because it will come with a warranty. Most of the dealerships offer extended warranty for their trucks that covers the main system components in case they require replacement or repairs. It is your decision to make but pay attention to these pieces of advice.