5 Millionaire Athletes Who Drive Cheap Cars

1. LeBron James


Lebron James is one of the richest athletes in the world. Ever since he joined the NBA in 2003, he earned almost $600 million in salary and endorsements. James appeared in several Kia ads in 2015 and even though many people were skeptical and doubtful whether he owned a Kia, he proved that he has a Kia K900.

Richard Jefferson, his teammate, posted a video of James getting into his Kia. Jefferson said after a win against the Hawks: “You come home, eight straight, and he rocking the Kia. There’s a 1,000 percent chance that there’s a 100 percent chance that LeBron drives a Kia.” Of course, he has more rides such as a 2006 Hammer H1 and a 2012 Bentley GT.

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