5 Crazy Land Rover Defender Models

Crazy Land Rover Defender Models


Everybody loves the Land Rover Defender and the latest model packs a naturally aspirated V8 under the hood and it produces 400bhp. It is the limited edition that costs £150,000 and it can reach 62 mph in just 5.6 seconds, and while we admire this car, Land Rover is trying to figure out what the best replacement possible would be. The new model is a nice present for Defender’s 70th birthday and we want you to remember some of the crazy versions which appeared in the past.

5. The Land Rover Defender Rally Car


Having the Land Rover Defender pickup racing through the muddy surfaces doesn’t seem so bad. However, if you create a rally car out of the Defender, then that is a slightly off. This vehicle you can see in the photo is modified by Bowler and even though it looks alarming, we love it.