4 Best 4Wheel Drive Recreational Vehicles 2020

One of the most comfortable ways to travel is by camping because you can stop and rest almost anywhere. You do not have to worry about hotel availability and bookings, and you will always ensure the best place to walk to the beach. Also, if you are not happy with your neighbors, it will not be difficult to move and change to a better place. Of course, the whole experience depends a little on the type of camper you have.

An all-wheel-drive motorhome is the dream of many travelers, which is increasingly being turned into reality. Go everywhere and still piggyback the apartment with you, that doesn’t just sound great, it’s great.

When it comes to investing in an RV, finding the right type is essential to make the most of it on and off the road. Whether you buy for the first time or look for a new way to travel, recreational vehicles are a significant investment. They are larger than your standard travel trailers or motorhomes, but they are not always as large as a Class A motorhome, depending on the brand or model.


They come with amenities and functionalities, people traveling alone, couples and families will take advantage of no matter where they travel throughout the country. Can you finance a RV with bad credit? Check more on SEfinancial.com. Let’s take a look at our list of the top brands to consider if you are ready to buy an RV.

1. Citroen


Citroen has become part of the revamped Leisure Vehicle Show and has introduced its new range of camping models based on SpaceTourer and Jumper models …

From this position, the French brand represents the new SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept, an original approach to the SpaceTourer line focused on external activities, developed in collaboration with the Citroen and Rip Curl brands. The last word for mobility and a symbol of unlimited adventure, the modern van has gained greater off-road capabilities through 4×4 conversions created by Automobiles Dangel. For the ultimate sense of freedom, the new vehicle is fitted with a compact Pössl camper. Conversion and new equipment are available separately for the SpaceTourer range.

The stylish and functional camper model has interior and exterior similar to the original lines of factory variants, special colors and materials. The new model aims for customizable elements, is more robust, spacious and perfect for everyday driving. It has all the distinctive features of the SpaceTourer, its modularity, ease of use, comfort and technologies that give freedom and peace. The SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept will be followed by a Rip Curl team on a Citroen tour between October and January next year.

The brand will also introduce, at no extra cost, additional services for all owners of their camper vehicles based on the SpaceTourer model, several driver assists and service systems based in three geographic regions, Europe, Eurasia, North Africa and active for 0-24 hours , as well as 55 countries with 6,500 authorized workshops. Citroen also adds an extended warranty with a special condition for all vehicles on which campers are based, aiming to reward customers for responsible driving. The offer will be initially available in the French, German, Italian and Spanish markets.

2. Peugeot Boxer 4X4


Peugeot pays tribute to the hugely popular Boxer by introducing the adventure concept.

Spiritual successor to the Rifter 4×4 Concept, it features a Dangel all-wheel drive BlueHDI, 165hp and 370Nm diesel, specific tires and raised floor, 30mm front and 50mm rear. There is additional roof lighting with eight LED modules from the 508. The passenger area of approximately 10 square meters offers complete comfort for three persons and includes a sleeping area, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The vehicle is also equipped with peripheral means of transport. An electric car is not offered, but there is an electric mountain bike with eM02 FS Powertube assist and a canoe.

3. Explorer XPR440, a camper that can (almost) everywhere


Underlying its official name, the Explorer XPR440 is nothing more than the chassis of Mercedes-Benz Unimoga, a globally popular work machine, with an endless list of customizable features. In the case of conversion to Explorer XPR440, the most important part is Unimog’s tremendous power, very solid chassis, tremendous ground clearance and, of course, all-wheel drive. Let us just be reminded of Unimog’s abilities unrelated to road and construction work. He has been an auxiliary at the Dakar Rally for years, which means his offroad capabilities have very high reach. Admittedly, the role does not have any makeup on it, except for team tags.

Explorer XPR440 is a much sleeker version, designed for recreation. It is based on the Unimog U 430 chassis, including engine, transmission and drive. As with any camper, it is equipped with supplies for a multi-day wilderness stay. In addition to beds and a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower, there is something they rarely have – a washing machine. Of course, when, with the payload of the Unimog, you do not have to take care of every pound, the equipment can be both luxurious and sturdy. With creative ideas you can find on a site like Skoolie Livin, you can fit everything into your camper as if you were at home.

Still, what sets Explorer XPR440 apart most from all other campers is its off-road capabilities. It has an all-wheel drive, gear reducer and differential locks, making it an incredibly capable off-roader. Unimog is known for having almost unbelievable ability to attach a variety of tools to its hydraulic system. The Explorer XPR440 has as many as 140 functions that are performed at the touch of a button, more precisely, the touch screen in charge of all commands. Among other things, the Explorer XPR440 has its own hydraulic legs, powerful enough to lift and hold the vehicle above ground, in case you need to replace the tire, or simply want a camper that does not swing.

The Explorer XPR440 has an 800-liter fuel tank, which gives it an autonomy of as much as 3,500 kilometers, and it won’t stay thirsty on that road, with an 860-liter water tank. From the interesting equipment, besides a few inevitable things, the customer also gets a chainsaw if he needs to clear the way.

There is also the question of the price of the Explorer XPR440. It is a matter of direct agreement and dependent on the wishes of the customer.

4. Fiat Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition


Campers are becoming more and more popular in Europe, with Fiat Professional trying to meet even the most demanding customers with the Ducato 4×4.
As its name implies, it is ready for the greatest adventures outside the asphalt, with high levels of comfort when it comes to camping.

Specifically, Fiat Ducato showed 31 years ago that the conversion of a commercial vehicle into a leisure vehicle is possible, achievable and very user-friendly.

A little later, Fiat decided to prepare a specially prepared chassis to make the Ducato a camper from the start. This idea has received a very good response from the market, and Fiat claims that the demand for Ducato vehicles so prepared has increased by more than double.

On the technical side, such a Ducato offers a lot, and it should be noted that it offers a front axle with a capacity of 2,100 and rear (with extended wheel track and single wheels) with a capacity of 2,500 kg. 150 horsepower and more are available.

The Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition is headed in a different direction because, with the proven comfort, space and swivel front seats, it also delivers significant off-road capabilities thanks to its modern all-wheel drive. To make it as convenient as possible, a special roof rack with a flat surface and additional reflectors for night lights has been prepared, accessed via special scales installed at the rear. In addition to the front and center passenger compartments, the rear is equipped with tool and compartment shelves, a loading ramp and a space for the motorcycle.


When you decide on one of these models, all you have to do is follow your wishes, because there will be no obstacles for you!