4 Benefits of Having a Remote Car Starter

While a remote car starter can make you feel like you’re starring in a Mission Impossible movie, it also provides a number of practical benefits for your vehicle. Besides starting up your engine from atop a building before speeding off after a group of criminals, a remote starter can provide a safer commute, boost your car’s resale value, and keep you warm during those chilly winter months. Because the technology can easily be installed in almost any vehicle, it has become a hot commodity for car owners across the nation.

Here’s what makes a remote car starter such a valuable gadget according to 12 Volt Solutions.

source: rensselaerhonda.com

Never Get Lost in a Sea of Cars Again

We’ve all been there: picking up groceries or running errands over the weekend. You wheel your shopping cart into the parking lot only to find yourself suffering from amnesia. The parking lot is packed with cars and you’re racking your brain for any recollection of where you could’ve possibly parked your vehicle. This can be especially frustrating if you’re in a mall parking lot with multiple levels. Instead of walking around aimlessly, desperately looking for your car, you can simply use your remote starter to help you identify the purr of your engine starting.

Get Your Heat or AC Pumping to Brave the Elements

When your car is roasting under the hot sun, the interior can quickly become scorching hot. Rather than waiting for your sizzling-hot steering wheel to cool down after you’ve already burned your fingers on it, you can use a remote car starter to put your AC on full blast. You don’t want to show up to an important work meeting drenched in sweat because you had to brave the heat while your car cooled down. So next time, make sure you have a remote starter on hand. Happily there are numerous websites online, such as shop.mypushcart.com where you can find them by yourself.

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Similarly, when Mother Nature causes temperatures to plummet, you can use your remote car starter to help defrost the icy windshield or melt away snow. This will not only save you the time and hassle of cleaning off your car, but it’ll help improve visibility as you hit the road for your commute. And let’s not forget, getting into a toasty car is a much better way to start your day than watching your breath cloud appear in front of you each time you exhale.

Get Your Engine Going

Chilly temperatures can have a negative impact on your car’s motor oil and engine. This is because your vehicle’s oil has a thicker consistency when it’s subjected to cold weather, and when not warmed up properly, it’s harder for the oil to circulate smoothly through the engine’s parts. By employing the help of a remote starter, you’re giving your car the time it needs to warm up and operate at a normal temperature. This alone can extend the life and health of your vehicle and prevent you from falling victim to costly repairs that can otherwise be avoided.

source: aet-turbos.co.uk

Sync with Your Smartphone

Because we live in an era ruled by technology, it’s no surprise that remote starters now feature smartphone integrations. With the simple push of a button, your smartphone has the power to spark your engine to life. Smartphone integrations are highly convenient and are often accompanied by a variety of other handy features.