3 Nissan EV’s Customized For A Wrinkle In Time Movie

A few months ago, in what came as a surprise move, Nissan announced a partnership with Disney. The project in question was a movie called A Wrinkle In Time. According to contract the product of this cooperation would be cars that the Japanese manufacturer would create specially for this movie. As time passed, there was no news on this subject. It seemed like there won’t be any unique vehicles for A Wrinkle In Time. But, after the movie had a world premiere, we were proved wrong. Japanese carmaker delivered, and in a spectacular fashion.

Nissan created three different vehicles for this movie. The three characters from this movie/book Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which all received a different Nissan EV. The roles are played by Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah Winfrey respectively. The cars have a customized exterior that goes in pair with outfits that these characters wore in the movie.

3. Mrs. Whatsit

Mrs. Whatsit played by Reese Witherspoon has a pairing Nissan Leaf that comes with a red roof which is the same color as her hair. Rest of the exterior is painted in white and blue which is the shade of her gown.

2. Mrs. Which

Mrs. Which wears costumes that are metallic and in the same manner her Leaf is customized. Oprah Winfrey character possesses a car that is painted in dark gray, flavored with some purple accents. The Nissan’s EV that belongs to her is also unique because it is equipped with a rear screen which can play videos.

1. Mrs. Who

Mrs. Who played by Mindy Kaling has a car colored in brightest of the brightest colors same as her movie outfit is. The front end of her’s Leaf is painted in red flower scheme same as her outfit from promotional pictures. The rear end, on the other hand, has dark blue paint same as ruffles on her skirt. Also, you will notice a couple of multicolored stripes which go hand in hand with her glasses.

In addition to their unique exterior design, all vehicles have touchscreens on the windshield. That is not all, as the windows on the side can change color to mimic the wrinkle effect from the movie. To top all of that, these Leaf’s can sense when someone is approaching them thanks to the heat-sensing cameras.

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