3 Accessories Every Driver Should Have in 2020

I am sure that you have had your share of driving accessories that you used to enjoy back in the day. These accessories can be an affordable watch from Watch Shopping, your phone, or your high-tech alarm system. Since then, the market has produced newer and better technologies. We’ll tell you some of our favorite ones here.

We know you enjoy your go-to driving accessories. However, we’re pretty sure that some of these ideas and tech can make your life much more comfortable. Seriously, you can always be connected while driving. We still recommend that you focus on the road while driving, though.

The modern times have brought with it a lot of improvements. It has taken daily activities, such as driving, into an easy background task. Now, you have the chance never to get lost. Always find your way with a GPS. Need to hold a conversation while going to another meeting? You can drive while you talk on your wireless earpiece!

1. Hands-Free Headset


We know the dilemma of having to pick up a phone call while driving. We also get that it can be the most annoying thing in the world. Sometimes, we cannot take a break from all our responsibilities; neither can we afford to.

Why not pick up a wireless headset to keep your poise while driving. You’ll be able to blabber to that one reminder your mom has repeatedly told you about. Even though you are driving, it would be rude of you not to speak to your mom because of that. We have wireless headsets now to make that possible and, of course, safe.

A great example can be Plantronics Voyager 5200 Hands-free Headset. This accessory gives you the ability to answer and make phone calls and is fully voice-integrated. Now you are able to keep your hands on the wheel and even ask your mom how she’s doing on this beautiful February day. You can buy this hands-free headset for $120. That is not a high price, isn’t it?

2. A Dashcam


Now, Dashcams have been around for quite some time. And no, dashcams aren’t for recording your lip-sync moments in the car. This accessory can be a great help to you as a driver. Dashcams can be essential when you run through some trouble. It’d be easier if you have footage proving your innocent, wouldn’t it?

Dashcams are a great accessory to have when you’re in a state with bad drivers. You might come across a drunk driver or what-not. Dashcams would make you, in a way, feel safe. I guess you’re more sheltered from the insurance implications if you ask me. At least your safe in one aspect.

If you think that moving to another state with good drivers is costly, then dashcams are perfect. You can record a piece of evidence if you ever get in a car accident, which we hope you won’t. We won’t even mind if you use it to upload excellent road trip memories. It’s your accessory, after all.

3. A Wireless/Wired Phone Charger 


It is 2020, and we know that you always need to stay connected. We acknowledge your need to be always on-the-go. Why not take a phone charger with you for those long drives? Gone are the days wherein you would feel the need to stop at a gasoline station to charge your phone.

Phone chargers for your car have seen quite the innovation. The market now has wireless phone chargers. Assuming that your phone has wireless charging, this can be the best pick-up for you. Comfort has been the priority of a lot of brands, and by a single clasp, your attached phone is now charging.

We’re pretty sure that you interact through your phone a lot. As a millennial, I cannot get through my day without looking at my phone for ways to improve my brand. We are sincere in our hopes of you being able to keep your focus while driving. Use a wired/wireless phone charger as a tool to help you aid your needs and not as a distraction.

Keep your eyes on the road, not at your screens, ladies, and gentlemen.



Driving should still be your only focus. You should use these accessories like tools and not as distractions. It all comes down with how comfortable you will be while driving. We sure hope that comfort results in better results for you as a driver!

Driving experience can be improved drastically with these accessories. While another tech can be over-the-top in their product presentation, we believe that these ones can be of essential use. It is not all about diamonds and pearls in terms of accessories for us. We are all about productivity and comfort in your everyday driving experience.

These are some accessories you can incorporate into your driving experience. We believe that there is a high upside by using these as tools for your driving experience. Although it is not as cheap as your affordable watches you used as a driving accessory, but it can improve driving as a whole for you and whoever rides with you in the future.