2018 Toyota Supra – What do we know so far?

3. The Design


According to the spy photos, we can conclude that the production Supra will not stray almost at all from the FT-1 concept when it comes to the design. Things which are similar include the same classic long-hood proportions, a double-bubble roof as well as a rear-biased passenger compartment.

The Supra is clearly going to be aggressive and sporty thanks to the long nose and the intakes at the flanks, whereas on the concept, the trunk lid is made in a way to rise up and form the car’s rear spoiler. Although the test mules have been slightly toned down compared to the concept, this was expected. Yet, the prototypes managed to keep the aggressive and a sports car design, which is more than welcome.
What we need to mention before we move on is that the new Supra is produced together with the BMW Z4 and these two models are a result of the cooperation between the two companies. The Z4 has also been caught testing, and the two-seat roadster will share the platform with its Japanese “brother,” which hints at the size of both vehicles. Based on the spy shots, BMW decided to go with a convertible, whereas the Supra will be offered in a coupe form, at least initially.