2018 Mercedes G-Class Introduced in Detroit

Every year, we see some fantastic vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show, and this time, the car that drew our attention was the new G-Class 2018 4×4. According to Mercedes, the new model is “instantly recognizable” when it comes to the design and even though it has been upgraded the G-Class retains its iconic look.

1.Reliability And Quality


If you like retro and boxy vehicles, you will love this familiar yet classy Mercedes. The German manufacturer is not giving up on a ladder-type frame, 100-per differential locks, and low-range gear. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG’s Management Board Chairman, claims that 80% of the G-Class models which have been made in previous decades are still driven today. It only shows G-Class’ high quality and timeless design.

2.Major Improvements


He also pointed out that the G-Class kept its iconic look despite the fact that every element is improved or modified in some way, which means that this car is not an old-generation vehicle with a new badge. The model’s torsional stiffness increased by 55%, whereas the rugged SUV managed to shed some weight, and that should improve its agility and speed.

3.Safety And Tech Additions


The engineered modified the interdependent front wheel suspension that improves off-road driving and on-road performance. Also, the latest safety features such as traffic sign assist and brake assist are used, while a new waterproof rear camera is installed under the rear tire so that you can maneuver in reverse more easily.

4.Electric Version To Come?

The passengers who use the backseat will be extremely comfortable due to additional space in the rear. When it comes to the technology, two new screens which stretch from the driver’s side to the center console, and the left one replaces a traditional instrument cluster whereas the other one is for navigation and infotainment system.
Last but not least, Zetsche hinted at an electrified G-Class 4×4, but stay tuned for more details.

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