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2018 Lincoln Town Car – Does It Have Place in New Lincoln Lineup?

When it was discontinued in 2011, Lincoln Town Car didn’t get a successor. At that time Ford decided that Town Car doesn’t need one. In its prime, this model was one of Americas best-selling luxury sedans. More than five years has passed, and the market has shifted away from luxury models than it was the case in 2011. As you know, the market is now, more than ever, craving for SUV’s and crossovers which Lincoln has plenty, and that leaves the question: Where would they fit in with 2018 Lincoln Town Car?

The only attempt to fill the gap left by Town Car’s demise is with MKT Town Car. The idea didn’t live long, and these days we have MKT available only as a crossover. The opportunity to return this sedan onto the market has never been more present. With Lincoln currently going trough redesign for some of their models, most notably MKZ and Continental, they could quickly bring back the Town Car. Where would it fit you ask? Well, it would fit straight in the middle between two models mentioned above, the MKZ and Continental.

2011 Lincoln Town Car – Source:

2018 Town Car Design Solutions

Design wise it would be significantly changed compared to old self, but we will take into account that five years have passed and that it needed refreshment anyway. Design cues would be borrowed from same two vehicles that we mentioned before. Lincoln’s front end and grille that is redesigned for 2017 Continental and MKZ alike would fit perfectly with 2018 Lincoln Town Car. On the inside, it would carry on the luxurious look of ts famous predecessors and current models in companies lineup too.

2017 Lincoln Continental – Source:

Price of Lincoln Town Car 2018

Price would be hard to determine at this point but like everything else with Town Car its price range would be in between the prices of Continental and MKZ. MKZ starts at $35,700 while Continental starting price is $44,700. This would make the starting price for 2018 Lincoln Town Car stand at about $40,000.

 2011 Lincoln Town Car Specs
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase  123.7 in.
Length  221.4 in.
Height  59.1 in.
Width  78.5 in.
Weight  4518 lbs.
Engine And Transmission
Engine type  4.6 L flex-fuel (FFV) V8
Power/torque  239 hp @ 4900 rpm – 287 ft-lbs. @ 4100 rpm
Transmission  4-speed automatic
0-60 mph   8.8 Seconds
Top speed
PRICE RANGE: 2011 MY of Town Car Started at $47,500
Competitors: Mercedes-Benz S500, 2017 Chrysler 300C, 2017 Cadillac CTS, 2017 Cadillac CT6, 2017 Lexus LS

Release date of 2018 Lincoln Town Car

The release date is also in the mist right now but time span from the end of 2017 till the start of 2019 is in the mix.

2018 Lincoln Town Car Powertrain

As far as the engine department goes, one of the options that could find its way under the hood of 2018 Lincoln Town Car is companies 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6. This unit is capable of producing 400hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.

Town Car vs. Competition

If Lincoln decides to introduce this model once again, it will compete with Mercedes-Benz S500, 2017 Chrysler 300C, 2017 Cadillac CTS, 2017 Cadillac CT6, 2017 Lexus LS, etc.

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