2018 BMW X4 – Just a facelift, but it could be a serious one

This article is rumor

BMW went berserk in 2007 by offering X5 with the highly sloped roof in the form of the X6 model. People liked it and in 2014 X3 received the same treatment. The result of that endeavor was the birth of the X4. Rivals were not so quick to react to newfound SUV trendiness, and Mercedes launched GLE Coupe in 2015, while X4 rival or GLC Coupe was revealed last year, and we are still waiting for Audi‘s arrival to the party. This is the third year from X4’s release date, and by the book, refresh is imminent, so the masked specimens of 2018 BMW X4 are already seen being transported on the public roads.

2018 BMW X4 rear view

Source: caradvice.com


2018 BMW X4 is based on X3 model which debuted three years before it. This is the year when the brand new generation of X3 should be uncovered, while X4 is about to receive just a facelift. In order to try to make things right, Germans could bring more extensive revisions, keeping it up to date until new generation arrives. And it seems they did. The front is evidently reshaped, the grille is bigger, middle meshed intake is gone, side intakes are smaller, and fog lights are obviously moved, but we don’t see where for now.

Headlights also appear reshaped, they touch the grille with the lesser area, while also being possibly less angular and more stretched to the outside. They actually resemble more ones used on X6. Side profile lost sharp, dynamic lines, instead, it uses more smooth shoulder line stretching across the whole side. At the back, the bumper is reshaped with added meshing vent, and exhaust pipes that are now angular and bigger. License plate moved to the bumper, while rear lights seem to stretch further toward the middle and overall feeling is that we are about to see more athletic tail very soon.


We have nothing on cabin yet. BMW is not famous for giving extensive revisions of cabins upon mid-life changes, but we could have an exception this time, giving the awkward year positioning of X4 explained above. Current interior is far from bad one, the seating position is very well thought out and drive is engaging, maybe even better than in bigger X6, materials are decent, while build quality is more than decent.

Yet, newer Beemer products have more appealing design and elevated luxury on the inside, which we are about to witness in new X3, so it is only left to be seen what will turn out for our X4 in this case. Smaller boot and space at the rear definitely stay compromised compared to more conventional twin, but that is the price of the style.

2018 BMW X4

Source: caradvice.com


Precise information about changes in this area is nonexistent at this moment. Current offer includes four petrol options and three diesel ones, and that is for Europe, while the US has just xDrive 28i and top of the line M40i petrol versions. Base 28i model is fairly quick, reaching 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, thanks to turbocharged 2.0-liter I4 boosting 240 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. M40i is not a proper M car, it is M Performance one. That means you are somewhere half way to the hard-core sports car figures or same that you get with Audi’s S moniker and Mercedes’s AMG43 one. But still, things are hot enough.

Turbocharged 3.0-liter I6 delivers 355 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque enough for accelerating to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. Both versions come with 8-speed automatic and AWD, though xDrive for spicier version is specially tuned, as well as steering and suspension. In all cases, this SUV drives good, though with hints of understeer, and AWD favors rear axle for your driving delight, being also able to shift power completely to the back or divide it between rear wheels, but forget about nature excursions as the power is sent to all wheels more for cornering purposes. Fuel efficiency is acceptable at 23 and 21 mpg combined, but not great.

2018 BMW X4 spy photo

Source: caradvice.com


2018 BMW X4 could debut at LA Auto Show this year or maybe at the beginning of the next one, and it is worth of waiting for, especially since it seems that Germans could take seriously this facelift. Starting at $46.5k it is pricier than X3, let’s say due to the “styling tax,” and it doesn’t have much of direct competition. Direct rival is GLC Coupe, while stylish things like Macan or F-Pace could endanger it to, despite not being officially coupe SUVs.

Merc is more lavish, but Beemer drives better than it, Jaguar handles better than Beemer, but it is less luxurious on the inside, while Macan is perfect on both fronts. One problem with Macan is the fact that its Turbo version is ridiculously more expensive than top Beemer. There you have it, it might seem complicated, but actually, it’s not. Whichever you go for, you won’t regret it.