2017 Land Rover Discovery – Posh lumberjack

Disco has always been a perfect allrounder. It is Land Rover, so it is posh enough to be parked in front of the hotel, while in the same time quite boxy to prove to you that no obstacle will make it stop running and as a decent family transportation as it can take your whole family with their luggage and couple of extra friends on top of that. Well, 2017 Land Rover Discovery has arrived and let’s see whether the fifth generation still has something to offer.


It changed totally. While the fourth generation looked more as facelifted third, this one presents totally new direction. For everybody loving idea of capability over makeup, don’t worry it is still clinging to its original idea and boxy look didn’t go anywhere. All brand’s latest styling cues are present, so it is either a bigger Discovery Sport or smaller Range Rover Sport while having enough of its own bits to make it quite distinctive.

So, kudos to British carmaker for executing this much better than Germans lately. There is one peculiarity, and many could be baffled by it. It is the rear end which is asymmetrical and number plate located to the left somehow spoils the general impression of the rear.

2017 Land Rover Discovery desert

Source: autoexpress.co.uk


The cabin is executed in modern Land Rover’s manner. It is a mixture of lavishness and British elegance with bespoke materials this time. It is rightly positioned as it is evidently more luxurious than one in Disco Sport model yet it is also visibly scaled down from Range Rover’s. If it just had German or at least Jaguar‘s fit and finish it would be absolutely perfect. The cabin is still ultimately capable as it can seat seven in comfort, the boot is enormous with 258/1137/2406 liters available, and although split tailgate is gone, Powered Inner Tailgate is present, and it can flip out the floor for everybody who fancies sitting on the boot lid.

Tech part is satisfying too, as the new infotainment screen proudly seats at the dash being quite large with 10 inches in diameter, and besides that you have 4G WiFi hotspot, nine USB ports and four 12V charging outlet.

2017 Land Rover Discovery ENGINE BAY

New Disco is 480 kg lighter, and yes you read it right, and yes that’s what you get when transferring to aluminum construction. New would also be the base engine as Ingenium 2.0-litre diesel is introduced to the line-up. It is marked as SD4 and is capable of producing 237 hp and 500Nm of torque, which is together with 8-speed automatic by ZF, capable of 8.0 seconds of acceleration time, while still giving generous 43.5mpg (UK ones).

Other engine options are carried over from outgoing model with slight improvements. You can opt additionally for diesel TD6 with 255bhp and 600Nm, which needs 7.7 seconds to 60 mph and 39.2 mpg of efficiency and top choice would be petrol Si6 with 335bhp and 450Nm, capable of reaching 60 mph in 6.9 seconds with the fuel efficiency of 26 mpg.


It shines even better on this field than before. Towing capacity is 3,500 kg, Air suspension is standard with raising clearance option, approach angle is up to 34 degrees, departure one is similar with 30 degrees. Count also on Advance tow assist, Trailer Light Test, All-Terrain Progress Control and the Disco can fight with water depth for up to 900mm, which with everything said makes it damn good in roaming around pretty much everywhere.


The price tag for the entry-level models starts from £43,495 and goes up to £62,695 and for that, you’ll get everything that comes to your mind. Hard-core SUV looks dipped in luxury is just irresistible, and what looks promise, it delivers, as it can fulfill any role that you put it into. We cannot imagine any other vehicle in the segment with real off-road capabilities looking this posh, and we rest our case.

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