2017 Honda Jazz infotainment system update

The infotainment unit of the new 2017 Honda Jazz just got updated with the interface that excludes volume control and makes the screen smaller. So far, the model in all of its versions which were available in 2015 and 2016 featured a 7.1-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI input, and two USB ports.

The problem that people had with the system was that the volume controls and the ‘home button’ were both touch-sensitive points and were placed on the outer frame of the unit. This made it hard for people to operate on the infotainment system while driving. Honda decided to change the entire system and to implement smaller 6.1-inch display. Also, the physical buttons, HDMI and USB ports are coming in place of the touch-sensitive buttons. Unfortunately, this did not make a big difference. The left side of the steering wheel still has a volume button, and that is now the only way to turn down or turn up the volume. This is more of a problem for the passenger than to a driver but still we would like to see volume controls on the center console.

The updated infotainment system of the 2017 Honda Jazz is faster to operate and responds to input more quickly. However, the display is smaller, and its size is 6.1 inches as we already mentioned. To keep up with the competition, Honda decided to follow the nowadays popular trend of excluding the CD player as an option. However, unlike the updated Accord and the new Civic, the 2017 Jazz still doesn’t feature either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. That is about it with changes on the Jazz.