2017 Ford Torino – A Legend is Coming to Life

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2017 Ford Torino – is it imagination or we will see this car on roads?

The Ford Torino is an automobile which was produced by Ford for the North American market between 1968 and 1976.

The original Ford Torino was a mid-size family car which was, at first, just the upscale version of the Fairlane. Later down the road this car became a standalone model which was quite successful, especially in its two-door body style. It was larger than the Mustang, and it was also offering more powerful engines in the base trim level. Unfortunately, for the past four decades, the car has been missing from the market, but there are some rumors about a new 2017 Ford Torino.

These rumors first started back in early 2014 when some leaked information suggested that Ford would work on an entirely new model. One of the possibilities was to resurrect the Torino nameplate but since then we did not receive a lot of details about this.

1969 Ford Torino

1969 Ford Torino

2017 Ford Torino have never been confirmed, BUT…

Unfortunately, these speculations have never been confirmed, but it seems that the Torino might not be a myth after all. The car would be resurrected as a successor for the Taurus. This would perfectly fit the market slot and price point of the previous model. On top of that, it would give Ford enough room to work on future models as well. We expect the Torino to be launched as a sedan as well as a coupe, and these two should share a similar type of design, and both of them should be based on a new platform developed by Ford.

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At this point, there is still very little information about the underpinnings, but there are strong rumors out there suggesting a new rear wheel drive chassis is being prepared. This would be developed from that of the Mustang, and it would share parts with it. However, it would be tweaked more for comfort and high-speed cruising rather than pure performance. On top of that, both the sedan and the coupe are expected to offer longer wheelbases than the Mustang and both of them will be physically larger.

Source: youtube.com

Source: youtube.com

What is difference of Ford Torino and Mustang?

Another really big difference between the 2017 Ford Torino models and the Mustang is going to be the design. This one is expected to get a retro look in combination with modern design and to be based on the ‘70s Torino. The result for this should be a more dramatic looking sedan and quite a larger muscle car than the Mustang.

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2017 Ford Torino Price & Engine

Because the two are likely going to be priced above $40,000, both versions should get the larger engine as standard than their corporate siblings. Many rumors suggested that Ford may ditch their EcoBoost lineup for these and release them with a V8. This would likely mean that the 5.0-liter Coyote would be offered here, and it would easily offer more than 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque while allowing the cars to have the true character of an original muscle car. A 10 speed automatic is also likely going to be offered, but it seems that the rumored Torino could come with 6-speed manual as well.

One thing that is quite strange is the info about the EcoBoost units that might be dropped. It is quite hard to believe that Ford invested so much into the development of these units and not to include them in Ford Torino 2017. To be honest, we are pretty sure that we will see few EcoBoost units here.

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1969 Ford Torino

1970 Ford Torino GT “All In”

1969 Ford Torino Talladega “GPT Special”

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  • Mikolina

    As retro automobiles continue to control our interest, with everything from brand-new Mustangs, Camaros, and Chargers to Beetles and Fiat 500s in brand-new automobile dealers, it’s time to restore Ford’s intermediate class rival to the Chevelle– the Ford Torino.

    A 2016 Torino needs to resemble this, in our viewpoint, and provide more than one powerplant. The Ford V-6 EcoBoost ought to be one alternative however at the top of the line must be a Shelby variation, called the Ford Torino King Cobra, after the prototypes that Ford developed for NASCAR racing that never ever entered into production.

    With the name Shelby King Cobra, there’s actually simply one option of motors: the 5.8 L supercharged V-8 for the 2015 Ford Shelby GT500.

  • J Trend

    The Ford Torino was produced by the Ford motor company from 1968/1976. Referred to as “Ford’s most recent intense idea”, the all brand-new Torino was developed to ultimately replace the extremely popular Fairlane name with an all new brand of Ford design, appeal and power. Although Ford still used the Fairlane name up through 1971, the Torino name was used on many body designs and was developed with all brand-new looks and appeal for a whole brand-new generation of car buyers.

    Ford used the Fairlane name on the economy version of the Torino. The Torino GT was the upscale Torino in 1968 with standard body decal stripe, styled steel wheels, large oval sports tires and basic devices v-8 engine. We have yet to see a real example, however 1968 Torino literature shows that the Torino was available with the 427 cubic inch Cobra V-8 engine with 4 barrel carburetor and hydraulic lifters.

  • Torino Fan

    The reports are flooding the web about a 2017 Ford Torino being launched. The reports are ending up being increasingly more realities as the launched pictures of the vehicle appearance quite sensible and it appears that the design is going to be provided quickly. The designers from Ford have actually done such a quite task as it looks the vehicle is going to embrace a great deal of aspects form its epic 1968 variation as they are bringing a fashionable twist to the story.

    The initial design was launched for the 1968 design year when Ford their epic muscle vehicle into fulfillment. With a 3.3 liter V-8 it was definitely the story of the day as this design has actually struck the emphasize instantly after its release.