2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 – Making It Better

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Dodge Dart SRT4 – New fire on the road!

The Dart is one of the best-looking cars in its class.  Unfortunately, it is one of the worse sellers because it is not as good as the competition. The steering is clunky while the acceleration is subpar for the segment; the engines are average, and the interior is less than ideal. Because of that, Dodge will be making an entirely new car that will replace currently available model completely. This should still use the same platform as the Dart, and it could bear the same name. However, the entire running gear will be revised, and the car will also receive quite a bit of attention to its chassis in order to become better.


After the introduction of news about upgraded model, people started talking about an all-new 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4. In fact, many expect this to be released first, the same way Alfa did with their Giulia by introducing a top of the line high-performance version. This would certainly make sense as it would give people a good idea of what to expect from the Dart. The SRT4 would be the first model in a few years to wear this badge. At this point, not much is known about it, but it is quite easy to assume the actual features of the car and what it will bring.

For starters, it would get a completely new suspension system to handle all that extra power. With this and many other upgrades, a new price tag is going to be in order. In fact, it seems that the upcoming 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 could start as high as $35,000 which is a lot more than many other cars in its class and the base model, but we know that this performance-oriented vehicle will be far ahead of the base car.

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

We do hope that the end result will be a great vehicle to drive and not just fast in a straight line because it might fail otherwise. The car’s new design is expected to be inspired by the recently introduced Dodge cars like the Charger or even the ongoing Viper. The front end should get a more aggressive look than before, and the car will be wider overall. However, it should be just as long and as tall as before which means there will likely be plenty of space inside the cabin.

Dodge Dart SRT4 – The Looks

The main reason why the current model doesn’t sell well is its dull look, but this might change especially with more aggressive SRT4 version. The upgraded car will get a stiffer suspension system, larger brakes, and a new chassis tweak. All of this will hopefully solve problems with the driving characteristics without affecting too much the comfort of the passengers. They should now make use of new seats with better lateral and lumbar support than before. Also, the trunk will become slightly larger while in the front the driver will benefit from a much more modern dashboard and instrument cluster.

2016 Dodge Dart Limited shown; Source: dodge.com

2016 Dodge Dart Limited shown; Source: dodge.com

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

Under the Hood of 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4

One of the most impressive aspects of the rumored 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 is certainly going to be what it will feature under the hood. Here, the car is expected to get Dodge’s already well known Tigershark engine. However, while they did use it in the past the same engine on a few cars, the SRT4 will receive the latest. This is expected to be the 2.4-liter unit with an added turbocharger. There is still no word on the actual output but considering 280 horsepower have been achieved in the past, the Dart will surely be fast.

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

2016 Dodge Dart shown; Source: dodge.com

Also, if we take into account the rather high expected price, the car is likely going to offer more than 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Just like some of its competitors that also offers top of the line performances in the segment. As we know, all this amount of power is going to the front wheels usually, means disaster. Because of that, a similar all-wheel-drive system to what we have in the Focus RS might be fitted. With the huge amount of power and low weight, the Dart might get to 60 MPH from a standing start in less than 5 seconds. This should mean it will be just as fast, or even faster, than the Focus RS, the current benchmark in small, fast cars segment.

Source: blog.caranddriver.com


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