2017 BMW M5 – In for More Success

The current-gen BMW M5 was unveiled in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. That’s two years after the standard F10 5-Series made its debut. The M5 was a lot different to its predecessor with the significant exterior as well as interior changes. The old rev-happy 5.0-liter V10 which screamed like an F1 engine (because that’s what it was) was replaced by the 4.4-liter V8 in the F10. Although a V8 has been used before, specifically in the E39 M5, the new V8 featured two turbochargers making it more powerful, faster and more efficient.

After five years of reasonable success, the M5 is getting ready to leave the scene and make room for the next gen. Before that happens, however (it is scheduled for 2018), BMW is planning on releasing a few more editions of the sporty sedan. One such version for 2016 is the Competition Edition. What is it in essence? It is a more rugged, beefed-up M5 with some extra carbon fiber parts, a premium interior, and a few additional badges. This isn’t the first time BMW pulls something like this. In 2013 we saw the Competition Package, a car which was specced very similarly to the Competition Edition we will be getting soon. The big news here is that this isn’t just an exterior and interior upgrade. Oh no, because here you get more power as well.

Source: motorauthority.com

Source: motorauthority.com

Exterior design of 2017 BMW M5

Before we get into the juicy details, let’s discuss exterior first shall we? You should already know what the M5 F10 looks like by now. It’s understated to the point that it resembles a standard 5-Series, but not to the point that no one knows what it is. Even the untrained eye can tell that this is something special. But it’s not exactly in your face difference, especially if you go for a simpler color like black or gray instead of the bright yellow that is traditional for BMW. Sure, the added width to the cars track and the quad exhausts at the back might scream performance a little, but they practical and serve a purpose, they’re not there purely for aesthetic reasons.

The exterior of the M5 Competition Package is similar to the standard model but features a few more extra options. First of all, there’s the strict color pallet. You can have the sedan only in Carbon Black Metallic and Mineral White Metallic. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t have some more flamboyant colors but such is BMW and their German attitude. The white and the black are the greatest color choices in our book. They give the car an understated look when you’re not on it, and an in your face, get out of my way appearance when you’re really pushing in hard. The sedan rides on 20-inch forged double-spoke M wheels which are wrapped in high-performance tires. The traditional BMW kidney grille up front at the fascia is finished in gloss black as are the side grills to match it. Of course, you get the mandatory M5 Competition badges there too. This special edition adds a carbon-fiber diffuser, a trunk lid spoiler, some mirror caps and it lowers the ride height of the car by 10mm (0.4 inches). In a sporty sedan like the M5, that makes a world of difference trust us.

Source: motorauthority.com

Source: motorauthority.com

Interior design

The interior got some extra love too. Most of the features were a carryover from the Competition package, but there are a few new additions as well. First of all, you’ll notice that the cabin is very exclusive thanks to the carbon-fiber trim with the M5 Competition logo. There’s full leather trim finished in Merlino Black, naturally with Opal White contrast stitching. The floor mats are finished in Anthracite. The driver and the co-driver take full advantage of the M seats which have the standard M5 lettering on them (on the headrests). As if the entire car didn’t have enough badges to let us know what it is.

You also get a 1,200 watt Bang and Olufsen surround sound system, Comfort Access, Lane Departure Warning and a heads up display as standard. You can also include the BMW Driving Assistant if you like and we would recommend that you do. The M5 is a very powerful car and any help in the form of electronics is always welcome. Don’t think that you can control 500 hp on a wet road all on your own. And no, you’re not Michael Schumacher.

Source: caranddriver.com

Source: caranddriver.com


Speaking of power, let’s get into the juicy details. The twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 housed under the hood has received quite a large and substantial upgrade over the standard M5’s engine. It now pushes, get this, 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. That’s 14 lb-ft and a whopping 40 hp more than the M5 Competition Package. That unit is mated to the familiar dual-clutch transmission, and the Drivelogic enables the large sedan to reach 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds. That’s a half a second quicker than the standard version and about 0.3 seconds faster than the old Competition Package model.

It’s not just upgrade to the straight-line performance either. This thing is faster around the bends too. The springs and dampers are harder and stiffer, there are new settings for the Active M differential, the direct control map for the Servotronic steering system is different, and the DSC has been fine tuned to fit the more powerful engine. If you like driving, this is the best of the best at the moment. You can’t get a more powerful or more capable M5 than the Competition edition.

2014 BMW M5 Engine - Source: thecarconnection.com

2014 BMW M5 Engine – Source: thecarconnection.com


What’s more, it might become a good collectible car. With only 200 units being built, they will surely become a valuable thing to possess some 20 years down the road. Prices start at 129,000 Euros, about $25k over the standard M5. Worth it? We think so, especially for a 600 hp sedan which can demolish anything this side of a Ferrari F12 or Aventador.