2016 Jaguar C-X17 – To Step up to Achieve

2016 Jaguar C-X17 This article is rumor

Back in 2013, Jaguar was releasing the C-X17 concept crossover which later became the F-Pace production car. However, there are still rumors lurking around about a future 2016 Jaguar C-X17, a future production car that would borrow the name of the concept and most of the platform but with a completely new look.

In fact, the C-X17 production car would be the F-Pace based coupe, similar to what BMW is doing with their X4 or Audi with their upcoming Q4 models. Unlike these, though, the Jaguar will only be meant as a premium and high-performance crossover, so it is highly unlikely for it to be offered in a lesser trim level.

2016 Jaguar C-X17

It is safe to assume that when Jaguar launches the car, sometime at the end of the year, they will only be offering it with the top end engines found in the XE sedan with a few added features and improvements in order to make it drive at least just as good as its BMW competitor.

The price is still unknown at this point, and there is no word on when the car will be available for order. If we had to guess, and considering how the F-Pace launch went then it is safe to assume that the car will cost around $5,000 more than the equivalent F-Pace, putting it to about $45,000 or more. Reports say that it should be available for sale starting with the first part of 2018, just in time to take on its competitors.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Interior

While the F-Pace and even the XE sedan are both available with petrol and diesel engines, rumors say that the upcoming C-X17 will only get petrol engines, both in Europe and the US. The only available petrol engine is expected to be a 3.0-liter supercharged V6, which will develop 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

Some also suggest that Jaguar might develop a turbocharged engine based on their 3.0-liter unit which could easily break the 400 horsepower limit. An automatic gearbox will be offered as standard, and the car will only be available in all-wheel drive version.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Back

So far we can only speculate about the look of the 2016 Jaguar C-X17, but it is safe to assume that it will take a lot of design cues from the current XE and F-Pace models. However, because it will be a blend of coupe and crossover, the back will be slightly shorter, and it will offer a sloping roof in order to create that effect.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Side

The downside will be that the car will definitely provide less headroom in the back than its close sibling, and the trunk might get smaller as well. We can live with this since we are getting one of the best-looking vehicles in the segment.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Video