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15 Reasons Why Cops Will Pull You Over


While sometimes, cops will pull you over just to perform a regular check, more often than not, there is a reason why you need to pull over and talk to the cops. Getting a costly ticket will ruin your day, but here are some of the most common reasons why cops direct you to the side of the road.

1.Driving with your lights off


While more experienced drivers never forget to turn the lights on, beginners might not remember to do it from time to time. Driving with your lights off, even during the day makes it harder for the other drivers to spot you, but with the introduction of automatic headlights, this has become the thing of the past.

2.Excessive noise


Driving a car with roaring exhaust will be the sign for the cops to ask you some questions. They will probably want to check whether the modified car is 100% street-legal and with a loud vehicle, you can be cited for “excessive noise” in New Jersey, for instance.

3.Illegal window tints


Window tints look cool, but before you decide to darken your windows, you need to check a level of tint on a window which is allowed in a particular state. This will draw cops’ attention, and they will pull you over.

4.Driving too slowly


Just like speeding, driving too slowly is dangerous. The other drivers will get irritated, and they will look for a way to pass you. You may not get a ticket, but you will earn yourself a warning. Also when the cops see someone who is driving too slowly, they might be led to believe that you are under the influence.

5.Illegal U-turns


When you are executing a U-turn, make sure to use your turn signals. Also, make sure that you are allowed to make a U-turn there. Watch for the signs on the road and beware of other drivers on the road.

6.Blocking your license plate


There is no reason why you should block your license plate unless you are going to rob the bank or be a part of some other illegal activity and when cops see someone with a blocked license plate, they will immediately pull him or her over and give a fine. Plus you will need to unblock the plates permanently.

7.Cutting off


Cutting off another driver is dangerous, and a lot of accidents happen because someone cuts someone else off. Even if this doesn’t cause an accident, the level of road rage increases and drivers tend to become more reckless. Plus, you will be pulled over by the cops. Even if there are no cops nearby, don’t cut other drivers off.

8.Drinking and driving


Not only can you get a ticket when you drink and drive, but you can get hurt and hurt someone else. Leave your car behind and walk home or call someone to come and pick you up. If you want to party with your friends, always have a designated driver who will get everyone home after the nights out.

9.Blocking the box


Blocking the box can be perilous, and those people who do it should be aware that there are other drivers on the road as well. If there is a cop nearby, the chances that ‘box blockers’ will be pulled over.

10.Damage to your car


If a cop sees that your car is damaged, they will pull you over for safety concerns. Of course, if your car got damaged the night before, they will understand, but you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.



Never drive with inches behind the car in front of you. You can never know whether the driver in front will make a sudden stop, and tailgating usually leads to accidents. While this kind of driving irritates the driver in front of you, it sets the alarm off for a cop who considers it to be a major safety hazard.

12.Texting and driving


You should never text and drive because your focus shifts off the road and you are looking at the screen unaware of the surroundings around you. You will be pulled over and fined, but if you need to make an urgent phone call or send a text, make sure you stop your car first at the side of the road.



Littering is considered illegal, plus, throwing things outside your car on the road can be dangerous for the other drivers. If the cops see you throwing junk out your window, brace yourself because you will get a ticket.



An indication that a driver is under the influence is swerving to the left of the yellow lines. It will not take long for police to realize that you are hammered.



The last and the most obvious reason is speeding. Speed kills a bunch of Americans every year, and there is the reason why speed limit signs are posted on every road ever built. If you are speeding, the cops will get you, and then, you can only pray for the best possible outcome.