15 Amazing Cars Ruined By Stupid Owners (2018)

When you customize your vehicle, it means that you want to stand out in the crowd. All of us add even the smallest touches to the car to make it our own, and that can sometimes be as small as a sticker in the corner of the window. Big changes to the exterior and interior of your four-wheeler are also fine as long as they make the car look better and not worse. Furthermore, if you have a lovely or rare model, you need to be careful not to wreck it. We present you 15 amazing cars that got ruined by stupid owners.

15. Vintage Pickup Truck

Seeing restored vintage Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks always puts smiles on people’s faces, but there is this purple vintage model which is just plain awful. Just to be clear, the color is fine, but in combination with white, it makes us wonder what was on this person’s mind when he opted for this combination of colors. Plus the white-wall tires additionally ruin the car’s appearance, but try not to confuse this car with Barney.

14. McLaren 12C

London is an amazing city to live in and visit, but it is also a place where you can spend a lot of money. Visiting posh restaurants is just one option, but the other one, which we highly recommend, is watching an owner turning his McLaren 12C to ashes on the side of the road. Although this guy destroyed his exotic ride, it doesn’t mean it is legal.

13. 1932 Ford Roadster


When you are driving a regular used car, you are careful not to damage it. But when you sit behind the wheel of a restored 1932 Ford Roadster, you drive straight into a tree, don’t you? This amazing Roadster with excellent paint job only shows that the owner has an incredible taste in cars. But come on man, you should have been more careful.

12. Mercedes-Benz


Crashing a high-end model might be a problem to some people, but that is not an issue for Lindsay Lohan. Remember the time she destroyed her Mercedes when she tried to run away from her biggest fans and people who supported her career. Yes, the Los Angeles paparazzi are to blame on this one, but that was not the first time Lohan had a car accident. She once totaled her Porsche after which she was hospitalized.

11. Hummer H3


Why would you change anything on the Hummer? It is the vehicle built to show luxury, and sometimes the stock model is just the way to go. Adding wagon wheels to a Hummer H3 isn’t a good idea. Surely, this vehicle attracts a lot of attention on the streets, but the people aren’t saying: “Wow look at this ride,” they are saying: “What kind of a douchebag would put wagon wheels on a Hummer?”

10. Lifted Ford F-250


Options are endless when you are modifying a truck, and some of the ideas are lift kits, big rims, large tires, nerf bars, etc. You cannot really go wrong, and whatever custom paint you select, it will look beautiful. We take that back because this large Ford F-250 transformed to fish looks awful. Spending so much money, just to end up with this disastrous paint job is the worst option possible, but the owner is apparently happy with the outcome.

9. Bugatti


Having a Bugatti is a privilege and ruining it is just poor judgment. The owner of this Bugatti obviously had a clear idea of what his supercar was going to look like, but these lightning bolts, or whatever they are, just don’t fit. Furthermore, the blue paint job of the exterior is combined with the orange of the cabin. This guy just managed to reduce the value of this Bugatti drastically.

8. Rat Rod


Rat Rods are usually awesome, and besides being a car, they are the works of art. Even people who do not like cars would admire this type of unique design. However, just like it is the case with every customization, this one has to be done properly to create the desired effect. So why does this rat rod look like a chicken coop? Moreover, the large red wheels don’t fit, but they are not such a big problem, compared to every other part of this vehicle.

7. Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible


The Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible used to be a nice car, but this Coco Chanel version is a dubious one. We have done some research, and it is not a factory option. Instead of being a classic car that would make you cool in front of your friends, this Coco Chanel Oldsmobile is completely the opposite. You must really hate your vehicle to do this to it, or you love Coco Chanel brand so much. Whatever it is, it is wrong.

6. Ferrari Enzo

Eddie Griffin, comedian, and actor, had to borrow a car for a charity event named “Race For a Cause.” On a beautiful and sunny day, he asked businessman Daniel Sadek to borrow his Ferrari Enzo, worth more than $1.5 million. To cut a long story short, Griffin totaled the pricey supercar when he lost control of the vehicle and hit the wall. Daniel Sadek will no longer lend cars to Griffin we know that for a fact.

5. Toyota Supra


The Toyota Supra is a tremendous vehicle, and we cannot put our excitement into words that it is coming back on the market. It was a vehicle widely adored by enthusiasts all over the world, but having a dragon blowing smoke out of its nostrils is just too far. The dragon is painted on the side of the car, and we are sure that this modification will cause different opinions.

4. Ferrari 458 Spider


If you are going to redesign your Ferrari 458 Spider, you better do it right. It seems as if the paint job for this particular model is the creation of a five-year-old mind. The owner is definitely not wasting any money by having a Nyan cat on the side of his supercar.

3. Chrysler Sebring Convertible


This convertible and SUV in one is one of the worst custom-made cars ever. First of all the green paint is horrific. Secondly, adding the biggest wheels that match the vehicle is not going to make things better. Yes, the car has gained some ground clearance, but what good is that if you need to cover your face with a hand when you are stepping out of it. Furthermore, you would need a ladder to climb up to the cabin, so it is not the best choice for families.

2. Bugatti Veyron


Obviously, the owner of this Bugatti Veyron wanted to crash the vehicle on purpose and collect insurance money. This wreck is caught on tape, and it cannot be by accident. What, you want to convince me that two random guys were just filming the Veyron as it slides into the water? The owner of the Veyron actually ended up spending time behind bars, plus he wasted a gorgeous car.

1. Buick Riviera


Whoever owns the old Buick Riviera spend so much time and money to make this car look horrendous. The vintage Buicks such as this one are becoming scarce in the market and seeing one completely ruined by horrible custom work makes us sad. On the side of the door, there is a graffiti tag, whereas the entire Little Mermaid color theme doesn’t fit at all. Don’t get me started on those wheels, though.

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