14 Insane Supercar Crashes (2018)

What is, weirdly, hard to believe is that people who have and are able to cash out an enormous amount of money for a supercar, are actually pretty bad drivers. Yes, you can afford it, but for crying out loud try and not wreck it the minute you sit in it. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know?! This list will show you 14 of the most insane crashes that involve cars with a price tag that has many zeros on it. Enjoy!

14. Parking fail


Ok, whether you are a male or a female, parking isn’t all that easy. To make the things even worse is trying to park a supercar and not get it scratched. Talk about pressure. With all that taken into consideration, I really can’t explain what was going through the mind of the guy that tried to park this yellow Lambo. Did he not see the pole or just didn’t care it was there?