12 Most Expensive State Cars

Kings, prime ministers, presidents, and many other people who occupy the highest seats in the state enjoy the luxury their position brings. A part of that luxury is fancy cars, but we are not going to focus on whether it is good or bad for the world leaders to travel in these vehicles or not. We will focus on vehicles themselves, and there is always one which is a lot more expensive than the others. Let’s see top 12 most expensive state cars.

12. Brunei – Rolls-Royce Phantom VI – $148,645


The Sultan of Brunei is famous for his wealth, and he travels the world in his Rolls-Royce. This car is the embodiment of luxury and wealth, which makes it perfect for the state car. However, Rolls-Royce is much more than just a beautiful car – there is some serious power under the hood of this car.

11. Germany – Mercedes-Benz S600L – $174,890


Of course, state cars for high officials in Germany are produced by Mercedes. The German president drives around in the Mercedes-Benz S600L, which is one of the best models offered by the carmaker. The car boasts the latest technology including the LED lighting. As expected, the interior is completely redesigned to fit the president.

10. India – Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard – $180,000


India also opted for a Mercedes for the most powerful man in the state. But, unlike Germany, they bought the Pullman Guard model, which is a large limousine that costs $180,000. The seats of this one are extremely comfortable, whereas this vehicle comes with a heavily-modernized classic design.

9. Philippines – Mercedes-Benz W221 – $250,547


It looks like Mercedes is the favorite car of presidents and other high authorities in the countries around the world and we can see why. This W221 costs more than $250,000 and it is truly remarkable. It is equipped with 17-inch wheels and a massive engine that makes the vehicle fast. We are not even going to mention comfort since this is a Mercedes we are talking about.

8. Russia – Mercedes S-Class Limousine – $251,417


The head of Russia, Vladimir Putin goes to work in a Mercedes. His model of choice is a popular S-Class, but this car in particular costs slightly more than $251,000. It has been completely redesigned to fit Putin’s needs, and if he is satisfied with it, then we can say that the car has no drawbacks.

7. Malaysia – Maybach 62 – $394,000


Malaysia government also opted for the Germans when it comes to their state car, but this model is a lot more expensive than previous Mercedes cars we have seen. It is a Maybach 62, and this vehicle has it all. Its comfort is indescribable, while it is created as a perfect mean of transport for the high officials in Malaysia.

6. Great Britain – Jaguar XJ Sentinel – $455,025


Brits opted for the homemade car. It is a 5.0-liter V8 Jaguar XJ Sentinel which is completely bulletproof, and the material used to reinforce a vehicle such as this is kevlar, which is super-strong.

5. Thailand – Maybach 62 Limousine – $500,000


Thailand’s most important people drive around in the Maybach 62 which provides a luxury almost no other car can offer. Inside, there is even a fridge with wine and a great sound system.

4. Vatican – Mercedes-Benz M-Class $524,990


The Pope is famous for his Mercedes M-Class which the people call the Popemobile. This vehicle has been specially designed for the Pope, and there is a glass that allows him to greet all the people, but to be protected at the same time. Even though this car always goes slowly, it can reach the speed of up to 260km/h.

3. China – Hongqi Limousine – $801,624


This Chinese model is probably unknown to you, but believe it or not, its price exceeds $800,000. It has been assembled in China, and it represents an elite vehicle for the Chinese highest officials. The Hongqi reminds us of the Rolls-Royce, but there are some major differences.

2. United States – $1,500,000


The United States presidents drive around in the domestic Cadillac One. It is the finest car ever assembled in the US, and it provides amazing protection, while inside, it breeds luxury. It costs $1.5 million, but it is not the most expensive state car.

1. English Queen – Bentley State Limousine – $15,167,500


Although we have mentioned Great Britain earlier, we have to do it again. To be more precise, this model belongs to Queen Elizabeth II only and its $15,167,500 price tag will astound you!

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