11 Cars From Foreign Markets That Will Arrive In America in 2018

7. Lotus Esprit Sport 300


This model is as rare as one car can be. But not only is it rare, it is also pretty special. Lotus Esprit Sport 300 is a vehicle for all of you unique and genuine car lovers. Or at least for those of you who aspire to be unique and genuine. Lotus developed this one with the aim of involving themselves in the coupe racing. Stiffer chassis, bigger brakes, and attractively flared fenders were introduced as the fresh new upgrades. They also cut weight and put an improved 2.2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that packed 302 hp (225 kW). The engine in the more common S4 made 264 hp (197 kW). Unfortunately, Lotus made a total of 64 units so you’ll have to dig deep to find one.