10 ways to lose your car insurance and possibly end up in court

Do you know what a golden rule is when you are purchasing any sort of insurance?! ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!!! If you actually aren’t used to doing this, then you could be driving around without any cover, and if and when (God forbid) you get in an accident, you might be in a world of trouble because of that.

Car insurance isn’t something to joke about. It is very costly, it has to be paid on a yearly basis, it is required by law, and most importantly it protects you from any misfortunate events that might come your way. This is, of course, a thing that happens in a perfect world, and since ours isn’t, this means that there is a number of reasons why you might not get paid at all. One more thing adds to this absurdity, and that are some honest mistakes that most of us do but are not aware that they can land us in court for fraud. In a list below, you will find 10 things that we all do, and that can make our cover worthless.

10. Registering your parent’s (or anyone else’s) address


If you by any chance have to move, change cities because of the job, you better make sure that you have notified your insurer. If you are wondering why, well, the fact is that the price of your policy has a lot to do with crime rates, flood risk and more and it all depends on your postal code.

If you by some chance live downtown and leave your car registered at your parent’s suburban address your insurer has a legitimate reason to simply reject any claim you make. If you get a bright idea that you might get away with this, don’t please, because insurance companies have investigators that are checking these things out after you make a claim.