10 Peculiar Things About Ford You Didn’t Know!

8.Ford named 7 different cars Capri


Do you remember the Lincoln Capri car? Well, Ford manufactured three generations of these starting in 1952 through 1959. The pioneer was presented as a mid-level line but after that those belonging to second and third generation got downgraded to the entry-level duty. But, as you may already know, the Lincoln Capri didn’t sell well. Capris again arrived in the US from 1970 and 1977 from Europe. Due to the midterm update, the models got separated into Capri and Capri II. Later on, in 1978 Capri got cloned into the Fox-based Mustang through the 1988 model year. Last time Capri nameplate was used was in 1994. In 1991, Miata-fighter was revealed, and it was produced until 1994. Miata-fighter was a two-door convertible sports car that was based on a Mazda 323 chassis. It was built in the land down under (Australia).