10 Peculiar Things About Ford You Didn’t Know!

Are you up for a bit of Ford trivia?

The history of Ford Motor Company is rich with peculiar things, strange details and fun facts. As a car manufacturer, Ford is most likely the one with the most unique history. Due to that, we’ve chosen top 10 fun and peculiar facts that will blow your mind.

1.Ford Model T was available in all colors except in color black! Not true!


The saying goes something like this: ‘Any customer can have a Model T painted any color that he wants as long as it’s black.’ And ironically, the automaker decided that in the first years of production (1908 – 1913) color black wouldn’t be available for the Model T. You could have chosen from blue, red, green and grey. But not black. Grey was exclusive for the town cars and red only for the touring versions. Green was used for the town cars, touring cars, coupes, and Landaulets. By 1912, all models were in midnight blue color combined with black fenders. But in 1914 the “any color as long as it is black” plan was finally enforced.