10 Genius Concept Cars – look into the future

Concept cars are either a hit or a miss, there’s no in-between. You’ll either love it or hate it. A lot of times manufacturers go overboard and create something hideous or so unrealistic you can’t help but hate it. Thankfully, the can just as often create something wonderful and exciting. Here are 10 such cases.

10. Mercedes-Benz F 015


This is perhaps the most talked about Mercedes-Benz concept car of all time. The idea behind it is actually genius: you get into a car which looks like an office and is designed to relax you, you instruct it where you want to go and simply relax for the rest of the way there. You can even sleep and get some proper rest if you’re tired, as the computer will take care of the driving. It doesn’t look like an ordinary vehicle, but that’s not to say it’s ugly. It’s different but in a really good way. Mercedes started testing it in California and is expected to release an autonomous car in the next decade or so, but it might not end up looking like the F 015. That would be a real shame though.