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10 Electric Vehicles with The Longest Range in 2018

Do you plan to go from one part of the country to another but you are worried that your electric car will barely make it out of the suburbs? While some of the EVs are produced to be driven around the city only, the range is always an important factor you need to consider. And speaking of autonomy, Tesla is one of the leading automakers with its Model S P100D that can reach 337 miles per charge. However, Tesla is not the only carmaker that produces long-range electric models, and we present you top 10 vehicles with the longest range in 2018.

10. Kia Soul Electric


The first car on our list is the Kia Soul Electric, which can go for about 111 miles per charge. This vehicle is very practical, but it is sold only in ten states – Washington, California, Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, Texas, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

9. BMW i3


BMW slowly starts to conquer the world of electric cars with the “i” division and one of the models we would like to mention is the i3. It is rated at 129/106 mpg-e, and it can go for 114 miles per charge. Moreover, the i3 is handsome, but if you want to cover more distance on one charge, the car is available with a small range-extender gasoline engine that allows 97 miles plus 83 miles on electricity and petrol respectively.

8. Ford Focus Electric


The Ford Focus Electric is one of the vehicles with the best range in 2018. It tops the BMW by 1 mile per charge, meaning that its range is 115 miles. This hatch is sold all over the USA, and it is quite affordable for an electric car, especially with the one-time federal tax credit of $7,500 and sales incentives provided by Blue Oval.

7. Hyundai Ioniq Electric


The Ioniq comes from South Korea and it is one of the most popular cars in the USA. It is not the vehicle with the longest range (124 miles), but the car is rated at 150/122 mpg-e which raises its value significantly. If you are looking for an economical vehicle, this Ioniq Electric is unrivaled.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf


The VW enhanced the battery last year, and the e-Golf has the range of 125 per charge. If you like this model, you can buy it anywhere in the US, but just like it is the case with other electric cars, they are available mostly in big cities.

5. Nissan Leaf


We are half-way through our list, and things are getting more serious. The Nissan Leaf is rated at 124/101 mpg-e whereas its range is 150 miles on a single charge. The Leaf may be everything you are looking for on an electric car as it delivers 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the innovative e-Pedal system, the drivers can accelerate and pull to a stop using just one pedal.

4. Chevrolet Bolt EV


The Bolt EV has been a Tesla rival for a long time mostly due to the range of 238 miles. The subcompact hatch has enough for a week’s ride before you connect it to the charger.

3. Tesla Model X


The Model X is probably the most recognizable Tesla’s product thanks to the gull-wing doors, whereas depending on the battery, the Model X’s range is between 238 and 295 miles.

2. Tesla Model 3


When it comes to range, no one can beat Tesla, and the new Model 3 that has been in production for a while has the range of 310 miles. What’s even better is that the Model 3 is affordable and it is available in several iterations with different battery packs. The standard one, which will become available this year allows this EV to go for 220 miles per charge, while the optional $9,000-unit increases the range by 90 miles.

1. Tesla Model S


We have saved the best for last. The Tesla Model S can run for up to 337 miles in the top P100D iteration that also comes with the Ludicrous mode which enables the car to hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Fantastic!

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