10 Cool Concept Cars from Mundane Brands

Concept cars usually allow us to get a sneak peek into the future. And when they arrive from the exotic manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and others, who are mostly into supercars, we get all hyped up. However, concept vehicles are produced by every brand you can think of, and sometimes, their goal is to show us a new design line, interior, or to present the future philosophy of the company. Anyway, concepts are important, and we give you 10 really cool concept cars displayed by not so exotic (still good) carmakers.

10. Volkswagen W12


Volkswagen is not the first name to come to your mind when we are talking about cars. Sure, their models are reliable, and all, and they have some good names such as the Golf GTI and Golf R. But in 1997, they presented the Volkswagen W12 Coupe with a mid-rear mounted 5.6-liter W12 engine and AWD configuration. Eventually, the W12 Nardo was produced with 591 hp.

9. Peugeot Onyx 3


Peugeot is not really popular in the United States, and their cars are mediocre. However, the 2012 Peugeot Onyx was quite handsome, featured a bold appearance and unique materials. Out of the one copper sheet, the engineers crafted the wings and doors, while below the skin is a carbon chassis. The Onyx was powered by a 3.7-liter V8 good for 600 hp in combination with electric motors that added 80 hp.

8. Infiniti EMERG-E


In 2012 Infiniti, launched the concept called Emerg-E, based on the Lotus Evora platform. The complete output of this car was 402 ponies and 738 lb-ft of torque. It was a working prototype, but unfortunately, it never hit the streets. We will not even talk about how handsome this concept was.

7. KIA GT4 Stinger


The Stinger is a popular name in the car world and perhaps one of Kia’s best vehicles. But before this one reached the market, there was a concept made with the Stinger nameplate. The GT4 Stinger was a sports car that was presented in Detroit, brilliantly designed, wowing the crowd. Under the hood, it packed a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine rated at 320 hp.

6. Hyundai PassoCorto


Just like Kia, Hyundai hasn’t had exciting offerings. Sure, the N division is not a hot topic, but before that, they produced cars that were quite dull. However, the PassoCorto concept gave us something to hope for. It was designed by IED of Turin, and it was a mid-engined concept with a 1.6-liter engine under the bonnet. But don’t expect this one to be transformed into the production vehicle.

5. Renault DeZir


Another concept that comes from France is the Renault DeZir. They wanted to preview the new design language with this model that came with butterfly doors and an electric motor that generated 148 hp. It was a quick car, needing only 5 seconds to reach 60 mph.

4. GR Super Sport Concept


Toyota used to be among the hottest manufacturers and with models such as Supra, 2000GT, Celica and many others, they made their name known worldwide. But that is history. Is Toyota returning? The revived Supra is coming soon, and they also disclosed the GR Super Sport Concept, which shows us that the brand still has some fuel in the tank. The concept comes with a 986-hp hybrid drivetrain, and in its core, it is a race car. It would be good to see this one at the dealership one day.

3. Chrysler Firepower


You might question our decision on why we decided to put Chrysler on the list. They are cool, right? Well, when was the last time they launched something that set the car enthusiasts ablaze? One concept, called Firepower is a notable mention. It was based on the Dodge Viper, with Chrysler details on it and with a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 delivering 425 horsepower.

2. GT by Citroen


Just like the other two French brands on the list, Citroen also struggles to become a hot car manufacturer. However, they do have the DS sub-brand which sparkles things up with unconventional designs. In 2008, they, together with Polyphonic Digital, presented GT by Citroen. It was a powerful concept, and six cars were actually produced and sold.

1. Nissan IDx


Nissan has some interesting takes on future cars from time to time, and their IDx concept really catches the eye. With 510 horsepower transferred to the rear wheels, this Nissan would have defeated all of its enemies. If only the Japanese carmaker had decided to produce one. The level of hotness is high, but this dream will never come true.

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