10 Classic Cars That Need to Return

Every era brings something new and thanks to the new technologies, the carmakers come up with outstanding vehicles which have features like autonomous driving and which are powerful and fast as never before. However, there are some models which remain iconic, and even though they are no longer in production, they will always be loved by car enthusiasts? So why don’t the automakers bring them back? Here are ten classic cars we would like to see on the streets today.

10. Plymouth Barracuda


The Barracuda arrived when the muscle car battle was at its peak, but despite that, it was one of the most popular models at the time. In 2015, FCA said that the new Barracuda would appear together with the next-gen Challenger, but that has been delayed until 2020, and that is the best-case scenario. We are not sure whether the Barracuda will make a debut at all.

9. Jeep Comanche


The new Jeep Wrangler is going to arrive soon, and that is big for this American carmaker, but it appears that the Comanche is not coming back in the near future. That is the shame because this model was killed off by Chrysler as they didn’t want it to steal buyers from the Dodge Dakota and now Jeep is responsible for most of the profit that goes to FCA. Perhaps, they should consider reviving the Comanche.

8. Buick Riviera


The 1963 Buick Riviera was an important car because it marked the start of the new design era for GM. Even today, Buick is a relevant carmaker, and they have proved that with the introduction of the Avista concept in 2016.

7. Lincoln Mark Series


Although coupe is not the most popular choice among buyers, they are the embodiment of luxury, and since Lincoln is a legitimate luxury brand again, it is time to look back at their roots and bring the Mark Series to the streets again. We would love to see this car in the dealerships.

6. Honda CRX


If you return to the 1980s and the early 1990s, you could see that Honda CRX is one of the best sporty vehicles you could find on the market. But besides its sporty design, it was affordable and economical, which is no wonder why people loved this car. Honda made an effort to create the hybrid CR-Z, but that was completely opposite of the CRX. With the success of the Civic, Honda definitely has the time and means to bring back the basic CRX model back.

5. Nissan 510


The Nissan 510 was an inexpensive car and stylish for 1968, that is for sure. Japanese carmaker presented the IDx concepts a few years ago, and they were all inspired by the 510, but eventually, the company decided not to produce the modern 510 despite positive reactions.

4. Chevrolet Blazer


There are so many things going on in the car industry. The Wrangler Unlimited is here, plus the Bronco returns. To compete against them, Chevy will have to bring the iconic Blazer back. This model was produced from the end of the 1960s to 1991, and it is a perfect time to see it hit the dusty terrain again.

3. BMW 8 Series


BMW was selling an amazing car in the 1990s – the BMW 8 Series. It was a complex vehicle for its time, and it was available with a V8 and V12 engine and this model modernized and changed the way German company produced vehicles. BMW has promised to bring back this model, and we cannot wait to see it on the market.

2. Jeep Grand Wagoneer


The Jeep Grand Wagoneer stayed more-or-less the same from 1963 to 1991. And during that time, the Grand Wagoneer was the only luxury SUV, but with the popularity of the segment increasing, the brand-new Grand Wagoneer should make a comeback by 2020.

1. Volkswagen Scirocco


The Scirocco is actually sold overseas since 2008, and this model never made it to the States. Originally produced from 1974 to 1992, the Scirocco was everything you wanted from a car. Even though today’s model looks very little like the original, at least the name is back!

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