10 Cheap Upgrades to Make Your Car Feel New Again

Not all of us can afford an expensive new car, but we still take pride in our wheels. If you do want to make your car look newer and cooler – and who doesn’t – then there are some things you can do that are surprisingly cheap.

Let’s have a look at the top cheap upgrades that can make your car feel newer.

10. New Floor Mats


A very quick and cheap method of sprucing up the interior of your vehicle is to replace the floor mats. These take a lot of wear during their lifetime, so are bound to begin to look a bit tired.

You can find many different types of floor mats for cars – some very smart indeed – and for a few dollars, have that part of the interior looking showroom fresh again.

9. Metal Race Pedals

What about the pedals? Now, we know it’s not an area that you look at much, but if you want to give your car interior a sporty look, why not replace the standard pedals with some metal race pedals?

These are available from many after-market parts suppliers and are easy to fit, and they look so much better than stock pedals.

8. Lighting (Interior & Exterior)


LED lights have changed the way we can include lighting in our cars, and also reduced the cost of customizing the interior.

Dome lighting in the car is a great way of giving a different aura to your car, and it’s not at all expensive, easy to fit and effective.

You can also replace your main beam bulbs with some new LED headlights for under $100, these make your car look much newer at night.

Check it out, it might just be the mod you’re looking for!

7. Clean, Colorful Seat Covers


Now the one item inside the car that is going to be subject to the most wear is the driver’s seat, and after that, the passenger seat. So, do what many people do and continue to spruce up the inside of your car by buying a set of new seat covers.

These will have your car looking beautifully clean and fresh inside – especially when paired with the floor mats – and won’t cost you much.

6. Stickers and External Decoration


Cheaper than a new paint job, and adding a touch of class to any car, why not decorate the outside with transfers? These are very cheap, and if you choose the right ones look great.

5. Window Tints


Add a touch of class to any vehicle by putting tints on the windows. Not only do they eliminate glare, they keep out the UV rays too.

You can have them put on for you or can buy them for self-application, but always remember to check the regulations regarding window tints in your state, as there will be a level of darkness beyond which you may be breaking the law.

4. New Wheel Rims


You might be surprised how affordable it can be to equip your car with a new set of wheel rims, and we recommend you shop around for the best deals.

This is one of the easiest ways to give the outside of your car a fresh, new look, and will add elegance and style – or a sporty touch – to any car, no matter the size.

3. Pinstriping


The custom and muscle car world introduced pinstriping to automobiles, and it is a favorite method of adding some detailing to your paint job.

Look up videos on how to do it yourself – it’s not the simplest thing but with a little practice you can master it – or find a local who can do it for you, and you’ll have a car that looks pretty epic.

2. Add an Accent Spoiler

After-market dealers will be able to offer you a choice of spoilers, either generic or specifically for your model.

If your car is a sports model, to begin with, a spoiler adds an air of speed and performance and will be the envy of the street.

1. Custom Plates


Once upon a time, vanity plates were expensive; these days, you can buy fun, unique plates for very little money, and register them to your car with ease.

This is a great way of adding a personal touch to your car, but be aware that the law regarding vanity plates differs from state to state, so take care to check out the regulations in your area before you go ahead.

There You Have It

The above are just a few ideas as to how you can spend very little and make your car look newer, fresher and more personalized, and there are many more that we are sure you will think of, so have fun, and make your car the one that stands out in a crowd.

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